Browning Onion Paste

A Bowl of Lamb Curry Served With Naan Bread and Rice
Jenner Images / Getty Images

A lot of Indian dishes call for onions to be sauteed or browned. Some even require that you grind the onions to a paste and then brown the paste. This makes for delicious, rich tasting, thick gravies. Onion paste has a tendency to soak up a lot of cooking oil when browned. To avoid using too much oil in your food, the best way around this is to finely chop the number of onions called for in your dish.


  • Sauté these chopped onions till golden brown. Do not over brown the onions as the resulting taste will be bitter and completely ruin any dish the onions are added to. You just want the onions to start turning a pale golden color.
  • Properly browned onions have a mildly sweet taste thanks to the sugar in the onions.
  • Once browned, grind the lot into a paste (with a tablespoon or two of warm water) in your food processor and you're all set to use the paste as required.