How to Butterfly a Boneless Pork Chop

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    Place the Pork Chop Fat-Side Up

    Butterfly Pork Chops Step 1
    Fat-Side Up. Diana Rattray

    Butterflied pork chops cook quickly and are an excellent choice for grilling, stuffing, pan grilling, and broiling. Butterflying the pork chop also means more meat surface, which is ideal if you will be marinating the meat before cooking. 

    Yes, you can find butterflied pork chops in the grocery store, but have you noticed the price? Here's how you can butterfly boneless pork chops yourself in four easy steps. You could even start with a boneless pork loin roast. Slice it into 1- to 1 1/2-inch chops and then butterfly them.

    How to Butterfly Pork Chops

    Start with boneless pork chops at least an inch thick. Place a pork chop on a cutting board, fat-side up. You'll need a large, sharp knife. Trim off any visible fat if you'd like.

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    Center the Knife

    Butterfly Pork Chops Step 2
    Center Knife in Center. Diana Rattray

    Determine the approximate center of the chop. Center the knife on the pork chop and begin the cut.

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    Slice the Pork Chop

    Butterfly Pork Chops Step 3
    Cut Almost Through. Diana Rattray

     Slice down and almost through the chop. Take care not to slice all the way through or you'll end up with two thin chops. When you open the chop up you want it to be all one piece.


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    Flatten the Pork Chop

    Butterfly Pork Chops Step 4
    Flatten the Chop. Diana Rattray

     Open the pork chops, spread it out, and flatten gently. You should have a perfectly butterflied pork chop! 

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