Where to Buy Fresh or Frozen Rabbit Meat Online

Rabbit leg stew
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If you're a frequent visitor to this website, then you know that rabbit is one of my favorite game meats. Not only is its delicate flavor pair well with fruits and sauces, but the rabbit is also one of the healthiest meats you can eat. Home cooks are rediscovering rabbit as a delicious alternative to commodity meats, but it hasn't quite hit the supermarkets yet, and so you'll need to order rabbit from a butcher (if you have one) or online. I've researched a number of online...MORE sellers of meats, and this list comprises the best.

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    Marx Foods
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    Family-owned Marx Foods has, by far, the finest rabbit you can buy. Their meaty rabbits weigh in at 3 to 3-1/2 pounds and are beautifully processed. Marx Foods has an impressive inventory of all meats, poultry, and organic vegetables, but because they primarily sell to fine restaurants, you can only buy a rabbit from Marx Foods in bulk.  Click hereto read a more detailed review of Marx Foods.  Highly recommended

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    Nicky USA
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    Nicky USA, located in Portland, Oregon, specialize in meats and game meats farmed in the Pacific Northwest. It's subsidiary, Nicky Farms, is family-owned and very involved in the meat processing, particularly in ensuring their sustainable farms practice humane and responsible animal husbandry. Nicky Farms offers a wide array of high-quality meats and game meats, including a frog, alligator, and kangaroo. Their whole rabbits weigh between 2-1/2 and 3 pounds. You can also purchase rabbit...MORE bellies, forequarters, saddles and "tenders" in bulk at reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

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    Prairie Harvest Specialty Foods

    Prairie Harvest, located in Spearfish, South Dakota, is a specialty meats company that prides itself not only on the high quality of their meats but also on their superior butchering. Prairie Harvest primarily serves high-end restaurants but will also sell to the general public. They source game meats from a variety of local farms. Prairie Harvest gets their rabbits from Iowa. As usual with other online meat sources, their products are shipped in dry ice for a two-day delivery. Prairie Harvest...MORE has excellent products for the general public, but pricing is better for professional chefs. Recommended

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    D'Artagnan, based in New York City, is famous for their excellent foie gras (and championing of foie gras), but they also have a wide selection of game meats. D'Artagnan sources humanely raised rabbits from a cooperative of local New York State farms. This is the most expensive of all the sites that I've researched. There's little doubt that D'Artagnan's quality is superb, but they are definitely over-priced.

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    Igourmet.com initially began in 1997 as an online resource for cheeses and fine foods but has since grown and expanded to include meats, poultry and game meats. The website is very user-friendly, and within each category, there are recipes for the products offered. Igourmet.com's selection for game meats isn't as extensive as other websites -- and they oddly include snails in the game meat category -- but what they do have is excellent quality. Their Iowa-raised rabbits are 2-1/2 pounds...MORE for two in a package, plus shipping. Because Igourmet.com offers so many products, they're definitely worth a look. Recommended