Buying German Bread Outside of Germany

German Country Bread, Bauernbrot, Vollkornbrot

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German bread is so addictive that ex-pats and German visitors will go to great lengths to find it abroad. Here we have an (incomplete) list of German bakeries outside of Germany. Let's see if there is one in your area.

The German Bread Haus

The German Bread Haus will ship UPS, or you can find their bread in stores around Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They carry breads such as:

  • Four seed fruit and nut power
  • Black forest rye
  • Wheat and honey
  • Original six-grain
  • German black bread
  • Bavarian farmer’s rye
  • Stollen when in season

Shipping is also possible from the Gugelhupf Bakery in Durham, NC.

They can send you:

  • Black forest: Classic German dark bread (Roggenmischbrot), 30 percent wheat, 70 percent rye.
  • Five grain: Cracked rye, linseeds, sesame and sunflower seeds, 25 percent wheat, 75 percent rye.
  • Muesli bread and rolls: Hazelnuts, honey raisins, and oats in whole wheat.
  • Vollkorn: 100 percent rye
  • Many other types are available as well.


Zingermans's German-style breads are found in many food markets in Ohio and Michigan. They sell their "Vollkornbrot" online.

The Bavarian Pretzel Factory

Linda Sue Gschnitzer, owner of The Bavarian Pretzel Factory in Greenville, South Carolina writes, "We have various types of German bread such as Bauernbrot and Sonnenblumenbrot to name a couple. All of our breads are made from scratch every day. We also have various cakes, pastries, and sausages. We ship within the US."

The Alpine Bakery

The Alpine Bakery in Whitehorse, Canada, has several types of German bread at the bakery, and ships their "Expedition Bread" and "Fruitcake".

The German Bakery

Liverpool in the UK has a source for German bread at the German Bakery. They sell 100 percent rye sourdough, rye with sunflower seeds or pumpkin, and multigrain German bread at various markets and grocers. They do not sell online.

The Breadman

In Christchurch, New Zealand, the Breadman sells sourdough rye, Backferment (special starter), and Dinkelbrot (spelt bread) to many markets, but unfortunately not through the mail at this time.