High Quality Cabernet Sauvignon for Under $10

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Cabernet sauvignon is the most sought-after red wine on the market, with good reason. What other red wine offers the complexity, the versatility, and the prestige that a good cab is known for? From pennies to pounds, this red wine demands attention around the globe from winemakers, drinkers, and buyers alike. Year in and year out, these reds offer value and consistency. Get a great go-to everyday cab for every vintage.

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    Columbia Crest Grand Estates (Washington) $9

    Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon

    Columbia Crest Winery

    A smooth, easy drinking cab and easy to find, with a very modest price tag. The body is light and the flavor boasts lots of cherry and strawberry, dipped in a touch of mocha on the finish. Tastes great with lasagna or pasta in red sauce, or give it a go with your favorite calzone combination.

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    Hogue Cellars (Washington) $10

    Hogue Cellars bottle of cabernet

    Hogue Cellars 

    A deep red wine with moderate tannin levels and a blend of merlot to soften the edges. The grapes were sourced from a variety of vineyards to provide a wine that is both fruit-filled and well-structured.

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    Forest Glen (California) $10

    Forest Glen Cabernet Sauvignon

    Forest Glen

    A value at $10 a bottle, this cab makes a terrific table wine for any occasion. It starts with a very berry flavor and melts into a velvety finish. You really can't go wrong with this wine. Forest Glen has a history of making consistent quality cabs and offering them at reasonable prices.

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    McManis Family Vineyards (California) $10

    McManis Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

    McManis Family Vineyards

    This one's a deep garnet colored California cab with aromas of bell pepper and flavors of fresh berry. The McManis cab is a medium-bodied wine with a smooth and easy finish. The 2001 vintage was the winner of a double gold medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. At only $10 a bottle, this may be the best-bargained cab around!

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    Montes (Chile) $10

    Montes Cabernet Sauvignon


    Montes has produced a solid Chilean cabernet sauvignon with a very affordable price tag ($10). This is a fresh, palate-friendly wine with notable tannins (read: pucker-power), boasting colors of garnet and scents of ripe cherry. This is a full-bodied cab offering flavors of cherry, chewy blackberry, hints of vanilla and consistent oak. Easy pairing with red meats off the grill or mixed with a hearty tomato sauce.

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    Barefoot Cellars (California) $6

    Barefoot Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

    Barefoot Cellars

    This one is a medal-winning cab offered for pennies. Don't be fooled, for a $6 bottle, this wine offers ripe fruit flavor toned down with a bit of oakiness. A terrific value that will pair well with a pepperoni pizza or a hearty spaghetti.

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    Cartlidge & Brown (California) $10

    This cab tastes great with a grilled steak, a heavy poultry dish or a wide variety of Italian meals. It has a heavy cherry flavor with a dark chocolate and cocoa spin, and last, there is a very subtle finish.

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    Blackstone (California) $10

    Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon

     Blackstone Winery

    Blackstone's cab retails for around $10 a bottle in most regions and is a good, solid value cabernet sauvignon. It has pleasant flavors of cherry, raspberry, and plum ending on a peppery, spicy high. An easy wine to enjoy with friends.

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    Robert Mondavi Private Selection (CA) $10

    Robert Mondavi Private Selection

    Robert Mondavi

    Mondavi's Private Selection range brings budget-friendly wines to the forefront with good flavor profiles, consistent vintages, and easy accessibility. This particular cab is fruit-forward, offering ripe cherry and blackberry from the start. An easy going mid-palate and decent finish round out the Mondavi budget-friendly cab.

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    Alamos (Argentina) $9

    Alamos Cabernet Sauvignon


    Ten bucks buy some serious value-driven cabernet sauvignon from Argentina. Expect lots of plum and dark berry on the palate, some sticky tannins and a good bout of acidity to keep things fresh. The 2009 Alamos cab is a budget-friendly find that is well-placed and priced as an everyday red, perfect for the likes of pizza, pasta, and various red meat dishes.