How to Bake Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons - Lesson Two

Basic Cake Making

Greased and floured round cake pan on a rustic table

Lynnemitchell / Twenty20

Welcome to the second lesson in How to Make Cakes in 6 Easy Lessons. This week's lesson covers the basic steps in making a cake with several tips and photo instructions.

Basic Cake Making with Photos

From preparing the cake pans to the finished cake, here are several steps, including photos, for basic cake making.

Tips for Making Cakes

Here are some extra tips for making cakes.

Cake Pan Sizes

This table shows how many servings you'll get from different sized cakes.

Measuring Flour

New to making cakes? To get the best cakes, you must measure the flour properly.

Why Sift?

Learn when it's important and when it's not important to sift your ingredients.

How to Make Cake Flour

Why buy it when you can make your own? You can make your own Self-Rising Flour too.

Preparing Your Cake Pans

Here are step-by-step photos for greasing and flouring your cake pans.

How to Measure Brown Sugar

Here are more step by step photos. This time they demonstrate how to measure brown sugar.

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