Baking with Truvia

Sugar Substitute Products Make the Swap Somewhat Simple

Truvia as a Replacement for Sugar in Baking
Mike Mozart/Flickr/Attribution 2.0 Generic

Most people have heard about the calorie-free sweetener called Truvia. You know that you can add it to coffee or sprinkle over grapefruit -- but can you use Truvia to bake with? The answer is yes, and Truvia has made the swap quite simple with their Baking Blend as well as their Brown Sugar Blend. You can still use the Natural Sweetener when baking, but it will require a little more calculation on your part.

Using the Baking Blend

When using the Natural Sweetener to replace the sugar in a baked good, you need to retain some of the sugar in the recipe. This Baking Blend has already done the work for you--it is a combination of a bit of natural sugar along with the Truvia, saving you 75 percent of the calories normally found in one serving of granulated sugar while maintaining the sweet flavor, texture, and color.

It is important to note that the ratio of sugar to Baking Blend is not one-to-one. The Truvia website features a conversion chart, making the switch super simple. For example, if you need 1/2 cup of sugar for your cookies, you add just 1/4 cup of the Baking Blend. 

Although Truvia says your baked good should turn out as if you used regular sugar, they do offer a few tips in case your treats don't come out of the oven they way you had hoped. Adding about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon baking soda--especially to muffins and cakes--will increase the baked good's volume and help in browning.

Also, replacing sugar means that you lose bulk--the resulting batter will be less than if you had made the recipe with regular sugar. To compensate, you can either use a smaller pan (such as an 8-inch cake pan in place of a 9-inch) or swap some or all of the butter or shortening for vegetable oil. This not only increases bulk but decreases the amount of saturated fat.

Using the Brown Sugar Blend

Similar to the Baking Blend, the Brown Sugar Blend combines Truvia with brown sugar. It imparts the same sweetness, moisture and texture as real brown sugar with 75 percent fewer calories per serving. As with the Baking Blend, the ratio of brown sugar to Brown Sugar Blend is two-to-one. If your baked goods don't turn out as you like, Truvia recommends the same baking tips as for when using the Baking Blend to increase volume and color.

Using the Natural Sweetener

Unlike other sugar alternatives, Truvia cannot be used in baking as an equal swap -- it cannot replace sugar cup for cup in baked goods. The manufacturer of Truvia says for best results, leave at least 1/4 cup of real sugar in your recipe (hence the baking blends they created). Real sugar plays an important role other than providing sweetness when you bake with it. Keeping some regular sugar in the recipe will help with browning, spreading and the structure of the finished baked good. 

After adding 1/4 cup of regular sugar to your recipe you can replace the remaining sugar with Truvia--which is not a one-to-one ratio--using the chart on the website for easy conversion. The chart includes measurements for both the Truvia Natural Sweetener packets as well as the spoonable.