Fight Cancer and Aging With Grape Juice Recipes

Powerful Against Inflammation and Heart Disease Too!

grape juice recipe
Fights heart disease, too!. 4kodiak/E+/Getty Images

Brief History of the Grape

We have evidence of the grape going back as far as 6000 years. Grapes in the form of crushed, fermented juice, or wine as we now know it, is believed to be one of the earliest medicines, and was employed to ease pain, protect against diseases and heart disorders, treat poor digestion and relieve sinus troubles and lethargy, to name just a few of its wide range of uses. Wine was also consumed in place of water when it was deemed unsafe to drink.

Many of the medicinal uses of grapes and wine in ancient times have proven to be true by current research!

Latest Research

Many studies have been conducted on grapes in recent years. The most promising research is in the field of cancer. One study shows that grapes protect the body from leukemia. The polyphenol antioxidants in grapes have been shown to contribute to heart health according to another study. Recent research has found that grape polyphenols reduce inflammation. Yet another study links the consumption of concord grape juice to the relief of cognitive impairment in older adults.


Grapes are low in calories and have no fats or cholesterol. They are rich in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant linked to anti-aging. They’re abundant in potassium, and are a good resource of copper, iron and manganese, to name just a few minerals. Grapes are rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C and K.

They’re extraordinarily high in polyphenolic antioxidants.  

Best Grape Juice Recipes

Grape Wheatgrass Juice
1 quart container of Concord Grapes - any Grapes will do but I love Concord and they are particularly known for anti-cancer properties. Put the whole bunch of Grapes in the juicer - stems, seeds, and all!

And this one is just so good with just Grapes and nothing else, but I love adding 1" of Wheatgrass and a dash of Turmeric.

Grape Apple Juice
1 bunch of Grapes - stems, seeds, and all!
1 Apple - core, seeds, and all!
1/2 thumb Ginger