Candy Recipes

Make your own truffles, cake pops, fudge, gummies and hard candies at home with these easy-to-follow tutorials.
Ice eclair
The Best French Desserts
wrapped caramels
Vegan Caramels
Cupcakes topped with edible graduation caps
Graduation Cap Cupcake Topper
Pumpkin Fudge
Pumpkin Fudge
Edible Playdough
Edible Playdough
chocolate-covered coffee beans with cup of brewed coffee
Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans
chocolate almond bark with smoked almonds goji berries and cacao nibs
Chocolate Almond Bark
Snickers Salad
Snickers Salad
Biscoff Cookie Truffles
Biscoff Cookie Truffles
What Are Marshmallows Made Of?
Seafoam Candy
Seafoam Candy
Matzo Crack
Matzo Crack
Candied ginger recipes
Candied Ginger
Christmas Crack
Christmas Cracker Candy
Cappuccino Truffles
17 Decadent Truffle Recipes
Honey almond nougat
The 7 Best Nougat Candy Recipes
Peanut brittle toffee candy
Best Toffee Candy Recipes
fondant cake pops
Best Fondant Candy Recipes
handmade chocolate truffles on baking paper
Best Cream Candy Recipes
Candy corn orange jello shots
12 Sweet Halloween Treats Inspired by Candy Corn
Pumpkin Marshmallows
8 Pumpkin Candy Recipes
Candy spiders recipe
13 Spooky Halloween Candy Recipes
Sugar crystal rock candy on skewers in bright red and purple
How to Make Homemade Rock Candy
Balls of yellow fondant dipped in chocolate
Basic Fondant
Melted white chocolate in a bowl
Tempering White Chocolate the Easy Way
Turkish Delight recipe, candy on a white plate
Turkish Delight
chocolate-covered strawberries
Try These Quick Microwave Candy Recipes
Red, White, and Blue Truffles
Red, White, and Blue Truffles
Three ingredients marzipan recipe
3-Ingredient Homemade Marzipan
Homemade candy canes
Homemade Candy Canes
Moroccan Stuffed Dates
Moroccan Almond Cookie and Sweets
Traditional English Toffee Recipe
Traditional English Toffee
New Orleans Pralines
New Orleans Pralines
Turtle Candy Recipe With Pecans and Caramel
Turtle Candy With Pecans and Caramel
Microwave Fudge
Microwave Fudge
Chocolate-Dipped Oreos
Make Chocolate-Dipped Oreos
Kitty Cat Bars - Homemade Kit Kat Bars
Easy Homemade Candy Bars
Martha Washington Candies
The Best Coconut Candy
panoramic Easter egg
Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs Recipe
Homemade torrone (Italian Nougat) recipe
Homemade Torrone (Italian Nougat)
Salty and Sweet Saltine Toffee
Salty and Sweet Saltine Toffee
Homemade Lollipops
The Foolproof Way to Make Homemade Lollipops
Homemade orange, green, and red gummy bears
Homemade Gummy Bears
Lemon Fudge
Lemon Candy Recipes
S'Mores Cookies
12 Next-Level S'mores Desserts
Chocolate Cups
Chocolate Cups
Peppermint Bark
9 Best Chocolate Bark Recipes
Flavored Chocolate Bars
How to Flavor Chocolate
Cream Cheese Fudge
The Best Cream Cheese Candy Recipes
Chocolate Truffles
A Foolproof Guide to Homemade Chocolate Truffles
Gingerbread Rum Balls
Gingerbread Rum Balls
Saltwater taffy
Saltwater Taffy
Easy almond paste recipe
Easy Almond Paste
Gold Leaf on Chocolate Strawberries
What Is Edible Gold Leaf?
Chocolate Roses
Chocolate Roses
Mixing vegan chocolate ganache.
How to Melt Chocolate
Buckeye recipe
No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls (Buckeyes)
Peppermint bark
Peppermint Bark
Caramel sauce
Why Does Butter Separate When Making Toffee or Caramel?
A plate of candy sushi
Rice Krispie Candy Sushi

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