Candy Education: Classes and Workshops

Candy class

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If you love making candy, maybe you’ve considered expanding your confectionary knowledge and taking candy classes. Although most diploma programs focus more on baking and patisserie, many schools offer candy workshops that range from afternoon sessions to two-week intensives. Some programs request that applicants have professional experience, but most are open to the public and many welcome novices looking to get started in candy making.

Workshops are a great way to gain a lot of information in a short period of time, and they offer the chance to study specific topics in-depth. The hands-on nature of most courses is especially valuable in candy making, where many techniques and skills are best learned through repetition and demonstration from a skilled practitioner.

Candy Education

What follows is a partial list of schools and shops that offer candy education. The information presented comes from the linked websites, but you should always confirm prices and program descriptions with the institution itself.

  • Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary Art
    Location: Darien, IL
    Description: One day and three-day workshop courses open to the public
    Courses include: working with gumpaste, fondant and marzipan, how to make fudge, caramels, and more.
    Cost: Inquire for prices
  • Retail Confectioner’s International /Gus Pulakos Candy School
    Location: Madison, WI
    Description: Intensive two-week course in candy production and chocolate work. Minimum two years experience in candy making required. Shorter mid-level and novice workshops are also offered.
    Courses include: caramels, fudge, chocolate, hard candy, gums, and aerated candies.
    Cost: Inquire for prices
  • Notter School of Pastry Arts & Chocolate Studio
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Description: 3-6 day continuing education courses for professionals and culinary students.
    Courses include: Sugar Art, Artisinal Bonbons & Confections, Airbrushing Techniques, and Modern Candy Making.
    Cost: $375-$820
  • International Sugar Art Collection
    Location: Norcross, GA
    Description: Classes range from one to five days and are for professionals and the general public.
    Courses include: gumpaste flowers, rolled fondant, and using confectionary to decorate cakes.
    Cost: $225-595
  • Sugar Plum Candy School
    Location: Lincoln, NE
    Description: One and two-week courses available to those in the confectionary industry or those planning on entering the confectionary industry
    Courses include: Chocolate dipping and tempering, candy centers, and candy merchandising
    Cost: $750-$1950
  • The Confectionary, Inc. Candy School
    Location: Sycamore, IL
    Description: One-on-one courses from the owners of The Confectionary, Inc.
    Cost: Email directly for more course and pricing information.
  • The New School for General Studies, Culinary Arts department
    Location: New York City, NY
    Description: Full day and afternoon recreational workshops, as well as a 5-session certificate course in chocolate.
    Courses include: gumpaste flowers, chocolate tempering and molding, and holiday chocolate truffles.
    Cost: $125-$210
  • Oregon Culinary Institute
    Location: Portland, OR
    Description: One-day recreational workshops
    Courses include: Sugar artistry, and chocolate
    Cost: $100

Pastry/Baking Degrees

The following list comprises culinary schools that offer degrees (generally AA or BA) in pastry and/or baking. It is usual for these programs to include candy components in their coursework, with chocolate and sugar work being the most common areas of candy study. If you are interested in pursuing candy making as a career, it is a good idea to investigate a few culinary programs to determine whether a culinary education fits your needs.

In general, the cost of these programs varies based on your financial profile, but culinary degrees tend to be comparable to private university tuition. However, unlike shops or schools that offer only shorter workshops, the culinary schools profiled here often offer financial aid in the form of grants and/or loans.