Top 5 Caribbean Accras Recipes

Accras You Will Love

Accras, in the Caribbean are fritters. Most of the time, these fritters are made with salt fish, sometimes shrimp and even root vegetables and beans/peas. These snacks, for that is what we call them, are easy to make and are guaranteed to please. Make any one of these for your next party or picnic.

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    Codfish Fritters (Jamaican Stamp and Go)

    Codfish Fritters

    Serves these as appetizers or as a breakfast, brunch or tea item. Goes well just as is for with a dip.

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    Salt Fish Accra

    Fried salt fish

    The Spruce


    Salt Fish Accra, is the Trinidad and Tobago version of Accra. You will notice that while many of the ingredients are similar, the quantities for certain things vary and that alters the taste and texture. It is for this reason that the accras from each country is uniquely different.

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    Shrimp Accra

    Shrimp accra is very similar to the salt fish accra, the main difference is the use of shrimp instead of salt fish. With the change of the protein, this accra is simply different and equally yummy.

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    Pigeon Peas Accra

    Vegetarians take great pleasure in this accra. It is full of good protein.

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    Haitian Accras

    Haitian Accras are quite different. They are made with a combination of a root vegetable called tannia/malanga and black eye peas. This is another accra that finds great favor with vegetarians.