Learn about the basic ingredients of Caribbean cuisine, cooking techniques, eating habits, common terms and more.
What Is Achiote?
Pan de Agua: Puerto Rican Water Bread
Pan de Agua: Puerto Rican Water Bread
Chadon Beni (Culantro)
Chadon Beni (Culantro)
A close-up of plated bananas on a table
How Are Green Bananas Used in Caribbean Food?
Sofrito in a wooden bowl
Introduction to Latin Caribbean Culinary Tastes
Yucca vegetable
How to Cook With Caribbean Ground Provisions
What Are Plantains?
Baskets of Salted Freshly-Caught Fish.
Desalting Salt Fish
Garlic dipping sauce
Mojito Garlic Dipping Sauce
Cuban sofrito
Cuban Sofrito
Caramelized Sugar on slotted spoon
How to Make Burnt Sugar (aka Caramelized Sugar)
Colombo powder in a measuring cup
Colombo Powder Seasoning
Dried bay leaves.
West Indian Bay Leaf (Pimenta Racemosa)
Sago Porridge
Sago Porridge
Barley Porridge
Barley Porridge
West Indian Bay Leaf Tea
West Indian Bay Leaf Tea
Annatto seeds
Achiote Oil
The Foods of Puerto Rican Cuisine (Cocina Criolla)
Paella rice meal on plate in restaurant, Havana, Cuba
History and Staples of Cuban Cuisine
Salt cured meats
What is Salt-Cured Meat?
A Guide to Callaloo in Caribbean Cuisine
Top 5 Spices Used in Caribbean Cooking
A plate of Trinbagonian roast bakes
Make Trinbagonian Roast Bakes
Guyanese pancakes
Malasadas (Guyanese Pancakes) Recipe
A plate of souse
How To Make Hearty Caribbean Souse
Pickled Bell Peppers
Pickled Bell Peppers
Green onions
Caribbean Green Seasoning
Coquito Puerto Rican no-egg eggnog garnished with a cinnamon stick
Coquito: Puerto Rican No-Egg Eggnog With Rum
Basic sofrito recipe in glass jars
Basic Sofrito
Boniato sliced open
What Is Boniato?
Homemade caramel sauce in glass jars and ingredients
What Is Burnt Sugar?
Cassava Cassareep and Guyanese Pepperpot
Antigua's Raisin Bun
Antigua's Raisin Bun
Trinidad Hot Pepper Sauce
Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce Recipe
Papaya Smoothie (Batida de Lechosa)
Papaya Smoothie (Batida de Lechosa)
Punch de Creme
Caribbean Punch de Creme Eggnog
Ripe ackee
What Is Ackee Fruit?
Close up of a plantain bunch.
How to Peel a Plantain
Dominican Sofrito (Sazón)
Dominican Sofrito (Sazón)
Coconut milk
How to Extract Coconut Milk from a Fresh Coconut
Puerto Rican Sangria
Puerto Rican Sangria
African Fufu Recipe, in a white bowl
Caribbean Fufu Recipe
What Is a Breadnut?
A bowl of yam foo foo
What Is Foo-Foo?
Fresh okra
What Is Okra?
Caribbean Fritters
Accras (Caribbean Fritters)
All About Cassava and Farine
Indian-Style Caribbean Roti
4 Types of Indian-Style Roti From the Caribbean