Caribbean Soup

A Collection of Hearty Caribbean Soups

Caribbean soup is a hearty affair. There is no thin broth and it is never served as a first course to a meal, rather, it is the meal. The main dish. Most Caribbean soups comprise of peas (preferably split peas), some sort of meat, ground provisions, and dumplings. It is made thick and rich and seasoned with fresh herbs such as thyme.

We've gathered some of my favorite soups to share with you including a twist on chicken noodle soup.

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    Beef Soup

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    Beef soup is a must for many in various islands throughout the Caribbean. It is almost like a ritual. Take Jamaica, for example. Saturday beef soup is the meal of choice. You get your bone-in beef and leggings and set the pot bubbling for a delicious bowl of hot beef soup.

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    Cowheel Soup

    Cowheel soup is a favorite among many. Often if Cowheel soup and other Caribbean soups are on offer, the first one to be sold out or eaten would be the Cowheel soup. It's cooked low and slow until the cowheel becomes tender and the gelatinous meat comes away from the bone. It is so easy to understand why this is a favorite.

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    Tripe Soup

    Menudo, a typical Mexican soup made with tripe, hominy, and chile. The version with hominy is typical of northern Mexico and the Southwestern U.S.

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    All parts of a butchered animal are used in the Caribbean. The meat, offal and other parts of the animal are prepared in sumptuous dishes to be enjoyed. Tripe, for example, is not only used to make soup but also to make Cook-up Rice (a Guyanese dish of rice cooked with meats, dried beans, coconut milk, and fresh herbs). Some people even make a curry with tripe.

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    Ham and Split Pea Soup

    Pea soup with ham

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    Ham and split peas - a winning combination always. We think that each cuisine has its own version of this dish that always gets rave reviews.