Cathy Jacobs

Cathy Jacobs
 Cathy Jacobs

Cathy Jacobs is a freelance writer and avid home chef with a passion for sharing her love of eating well through recipes and menus that enrich your everyday life. She's here to help home cooks create meals that suit every schedule, budget, and dietary need while making the most of great ingredients.


  • 10+ years professional experience writing about food
  • Published 100+ menus and recipe collections on The Spruce Eats


Cathy has spent over 10 years writing about food for The Spruce Eats and various outlets such as Over time, she has researched and reported on many aspects related to the art and practice of eating well, including simple ways to add more nutrition to your family's meals and impressive holiday menus that won't break your budget. This experience has led her to become passionate about sharing the recipes, cooking tools, seasonal ingredients, and techniques that help you cook in a way that feels easy, without ever sacrificing fantastic flavor.

In addition, Cathy has been a prolific freelance journalist for 20+ years, writing on fashion, beauty, wellness, and digital marketing.


Cathy graduated university with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Cultural History at York University. Her area of study included the cultural, economic, environmental, and sociological impacts of food production and consumption in historical Europe and North America.

Beyond her formal education, she is also an avid home chef who has taken numerous cooking courses through private chefs and food market cooperatives, focusing on recipes and cooking techniques that support her personal passion for eating well. All of this, along with private conversations with chefs and farmers, has helped her follow food trends and develop menus that are easy on the everyday cook, while being impressive and delicious enough to delight guests.

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