10 Impressive Chardonnay Wines for Under $15

Invite these wines to dinner.

The Chardonnay grape contributes to the wine’s popularity. It is a relatively “low-maintenance” vine that adapts well to a variety of climates, resulting in fairly high yields worldwide. These high yields translate into millions of bottles of Chardonnay wine, which means you can buy a good bottle of Chardonnay for a great price.

We'll explore some our top Chardonnay picks that fall right around $15. These are excellent everyday wines that can join you at the dinner table.

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    Penfolds has been producing Koonunga Hill Chardonnay since 1991. It consistently ranks as one of the top value white wines. This Australian Chardonnay is a blend of grapes in different vineyards and is bottled immediately after fermentation.

    The result of this process is a robust white wine with hints of melon and minerals, though this does vary slightly by vintage. This is a perfect choice if you're looking for a dry white wine to pair with a white meat dinner or seafood appetizer.

    This...MORE Chardonnay generally sells for around $11 and it's best to drink it within two years of bottling.

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    This wine has been touted as a "Smart Buy" by Wine Spectator and as a "Best Buy" by Wine Enthusiast. It is an exceptional Washington state Chardonnay and a prime example of what a true Chardonnay should strive to taste like.

    The profile of this Columbia Valley Chardonnay is soft with bright fruits, including apple and citrus. It also holds subtle oak notes and a gentle spice. It is sur lie aged, spending six months in American and French oak where it is stirred regularly.

    The...MORE average retail price is about $12, making it a perfect dinner wine. Pair it with seafood, especially crab and scallops, or opt for salmon or poultry dishes. If your meal includes ginger, lemon, tarragon, or thyme, the experience is even better.

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    A California Chardonnay that bursts with pear, apple, and ripe apricot flavors, there are many reasons to love this one. It's a Sonoma County wine from a winemaker that employs sustainable, organic processes.

    The winery prides itself on traditional techniques. Among these are whole-cluster pressing, cold barrel fermentation, and batonnage, a stirring technique that gives each vintage of Chardonnay unique characteristics.

    This is also a practical wine when it comes to pairings. Try it with...MORE Dijon chicken, crab cakes, corn chowder, and even macaroni and cheese. You cannot go wrong with most seafood dishes, either.

    Though it can be listed at $16, it's relatively easy to find this wine for less.

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    One of the many wineries in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Heron Hill has many notable wines. The one that fits this list is their Classic Chardonnay Unoaked. It has an impressive profile that surpasses its price. 

    This Chardonnay is a favorite among visitors to the winery and it's widely available in the U.S. The appeal is in its bright fruit notes, with some vintages displaying cantaloupe while others focus on green apple and lemon. They're all fascinating and worth...MORE trying.

    This Chardonnay sells for around $15. It pairs well with seafood and nutty cheeses and makes a great addition to a dinner feature shrimp scampi.

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    This California Chardonnay has been the #1 Selling Chardonnay nationwide for over 25 years. It is no wonder that its popularity continues. Within the first sip, you will experience tropical fruit flavors with just a touch of butterscotch on the outset. It's also known for its creamy flavor and velvet texture.

    The wine is a blend of grapes from four vineyards along the California coast, with Monterey County contributing nearly half the blend. It is aged in American and French oak for five...MORE months, employing the sur lie process and monthly batonnage. 

    It's easy to find this bottle for $15 or less and it's available almost everywhere in the U.S.

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    Another wine from Washington's Columbia Valley, this Columbia Crest offering is an excellent choice and terrific value. The climate of the region is temperamental, though the vintners make the best of it each year and you can hardly tell the difference. 

    Quite often, you'll find apple and melon aromas marked by creamy caramel and butter notes on the palate. It also has a wonderful acidity to make it a lively companion for a variety of foods. Try this one with creamy pasta, seafood,...MORE chicken dishes, pork tenderloin, and light appetizers. 

    This wine is priced at $12 a bottle, and well worth every penny.

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    Chardonnay has been a flagship of the Clos du Bois winery from the very beginning and they continue to produce fantastic examples. Their California offering is a terrific everyday white wine at a reasonable price.

    On the palate, you'll find an abundance of apple blossom and ripe pear along with a solid citrus-driven foundation. That profile is accented with a silky cream texture and hints of spicy oak.

    Suggested retail on this Chardonnay is $15 and Clos du Bois' distribution is vast, so...MORE you should have no problems finding it.

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    This Chardonnay's fresh fruit flavors meet you at the first sip. It's dominated by peach and nectarine and accented with notes of pineapple, pears, and melon. This one also has a lovely cream with hints of vanilla in the finish.

    The coastal vineyards of Monterey County start this wine off on its journey to perfection. The deeply flavored grapes are harvested at night, then go through an intricate process that includes malolactic fermentation with oak staves. 

    This gold medal winning...MORE Chardonnay, pairs nicely with poultry dishes and a variety of cheeses. It retails for $14 a bottle.

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    Touted as the best-selling Oregon Chardonnay, this is one you shouldn't miss. It's produced by wine industry veterans who came together to create a sustainable wine business and they're getting a lot of attention.

    The Chardonnay is a lively white wine that you will not forget. It has an entire array of fruit notes, from tangerine to kumquat and lemon to honeydew. They also found a great balance between citrus and floral notes and it finishes with more intriguing citrus.

    On the value...MORE side, you'll find many people who rank this one well above its $15 price tag. Pair it with equally bright foods, including seafood, poultry, tomato dishes, and salads.

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    Let's not forget about the great selection of wines being produced in Chile. One of the country's best value Chardonnays comes from Arboleda in the coastal Aconcagua Valley.

    Each vintage of this sustainably-produced Chardonnay is unique, but they hold similar characteristics. You'll find a delicate layer of flavors, from citrus fruit to gentle spices. It has a certain energy that is both vibrant and soft, creating a lovely experience.

    The most recent vintages tend to sell just over...MORE $15. If you find a bottle that's one or two years old, it will easily drop into our budget-friendly price range. They're certainly worth seeking out.