Different Cheeses to Use on a Burger

Cheeseburgers Come in Many Styles

It's no secret that cheese and burgers taste great together, but what type of cheese makes the best cheeseburger? There's no right answer. The best cheese for burgers is whatever happens to be your favorite cheese at the moment. For inspiration, check out the list of cheeses below or head to your local cheese shop and ask for even more suggestions.

As you look through this list of five types of cheese for burgers, keep in mind that cheeseburgers don't have to be made with ground beef. Other types of meat, like buffalo or turkey, are great with cheese. Veggie burgers are especially good with a thick layer of melted cheese on top.

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    New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburger

    New Mexican Green Chile Burger
    Grilled Cheese Social

    New Mexican green chile and pepper jack cheese give this burger a spicy kick. It's great on top of plain burgers or can be combined with Southwest-inspired ingredients.

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    Blue Cheese Burgers

    Blue Cheese Beer Burger with Sweet + Spicy Mayo
    Grilled Cheese Social

    Blue cheese is bold and intense with a sweet/salty flavor that tastes especially good with red meat. Crumble the cheese into the raw meat before making the burgers for an even and slightly milder flavor throughout or wait to sprinkle the cheese on the burger after it's cooked for an intensely blue flavor. Feeling really decadent? Grill a regular hamburger and smother it with blue cheese sauce.

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    Cheddar Burger Patty Melt

    Southern Pimento Cheese Burger
    Grilled Cheese Social

    You can't go wrong with Cheddar. But what type of Cheddar are you going to use, a sharp Irish Cheddar, an earthy English Cheddar or a nutty American Cheddar? All are great choices and will add tons of flavor to your burger.

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    Feta Burgers

    Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb Burgers with Feta and Labneh
    Anita Schecter

    Although feta is not always the first type of cheese that comes to mind for burgers, the refreshing, tangy flavor is actually great on a hot burger. Feta has a ton of flavor but doesn't make burgers overly heavy or greasy. The cheese softens but doesn't melt completely and get stringy.