15 Cheesy Recipes You Absolutely Need in Your Life

From Easy Snacks to Fancy Dinners

grilled cheese with sprouts and ham
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When it comes to comforting recipes that satisfy your hunger and soothe your soul, those that include cheese top our list. From the grilled cheese sandwiches we ate for lunches as kids, to swanky cheesy puff appetizers and savory, cheesy dinner recipes, it's those scrumptious, satisfying recipes featuring cheese that always give us a taste of home. Those tangy flavors and ooey, gooey goodness are sure to put a smile on everybody's face.

So whether you're craving a satisfying meal to feed yourself or your family, want to celebrate a special occasion, or when you need to delight invited guests, try serving up one of these delicious, cheesy recipes. We've got you covered with cheesy recipe ideas for every course, from starters to desserts and everything in between.

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    Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich With Braised Short Ribs

    grilled cheese
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    What could be heartier, cheesier and more satisfying than a mac and cheese sandwich? How about this tummy-pleasing grilled macaroni and cheese sandwich recipe that's generously stuffed with mouth-watering short ribs, smothered in lip-smacking steak sauce? It makes the perfect, comforting weeknight dinner on colder evenings, or treat yourself and eat it for a weekend lunch.

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    Classic Scalloped Potatoes With Cheddar Cheese Topping

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    Every home cook needs a great potato casserole recipe they can rely on as a go-to crowd pleaser when company is coming. You won't go wrong with our favorite, great-tasting, creamy scalloped potato recipe that gets an extra boost of flavor from a cheesy cheddar topping. Make these heavenly potatoes for an everyday meal or serve with your holiday dinner.

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    Fried Chicken and Waffle Grilled Cheese

    Grilled Cheese Social

    Here's an awesome, life-changing sandwich recipe that we think Elvis himself would approve. Fried chicken and waffles is a modern American classic recipe that can only get better when you add tangy grilled cheese. You'll knock the socks off dinner guests (or your lucky family) when you serve them this outrageously delicious creation featuring crispy fried chicken, gooey melted cheese and a sweet and spicy hot-honey blend, all grilled between two buttery waffles.

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    Cheddar Bacon Puffs


    Everyone loves the flavor of cheddar cheese and bacon, which is why these cheddar bacon puffs are the ideal choice for bringing to office parties, pot luck gatherings, and holiday drop-ins. Fancy enough to impress the boss, but easy and quick to make in just 20 minutes, these savory, cheesy appetizers are airy little cheese puffs with loads of flavor.

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    Apple and Cheddar Stuffed Pork Chops

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    Want to delight dinner guests, and have your family begging you for seconds? You'll gain kudos for being an accomplished cook when you serve these thick, juicy, appetizing pork chops that are stuffed with a mixture of breadcrumbs, diced apple, raisins and sharp cheddar cheese. This is one of those recipes that looks just as good as it tastes, making it a feast for the senses.

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    Cheese and Sausage Quiche

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    When you want to serve your brunch guests something satisfying, try this deliciously cheesy sausage quiche recipe that can be made quickly in about half an hour. Swiss and cheddar cheeses combine with savory cooked sausage, eggs and milk for a satisfying mid-day meal with an elegant presentation. You can use mild or spicy pork sausage to suit your tastes or make it with turkey sausage for a healthful twist.

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    Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Sandwich

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    When you're looking for something to do with leftover holiday turkey, you'll adore this scrumptious, elegant, pan-fried sandwich recipe that you could easily serve to guests if you wished. Simple to create, yet lovely with its delicious combination of tasty ingredients that go together perfectly, including cooked turkey meat, tangy cranberry sauce, and smooth, indulgent brie cheese.

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    Cheddar, Ham and Pasta Bake

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    Here's a great, satisfyingly cheesy dinner recipe to make when you've got a few basic ingredients in the fridge, and a hungry family to feed for dinner. Cheddar and parmesan cheese combine with milk in a smooth sauce, that's made even tastier with diced ham and (surprise) beer, then topped with a buttery breadcrumb topping.

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    Blue Cheese-Walnut Steaks

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     When you're serving steaks for a special occasion dinner, such as an anniversary or Valentine's Day, here's a cheesy recipe that truly takes the flavors of steak to the next level. You'll impress that someone special when you present them with this beautiful blue cheese walnut steaks recipe, featuring sexy sirloin steaks that are rubbed down with rosemary and garlic, before being served up with a blue cheese and walnut topping. You can also use smaller rib-eye steaks, strip steaks or filet mignon.

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    Grilled Chicken with Goat Cheese

    Diana Rattray

    Everyday grilled chicken breasts are made extra-special in this recipe, with a flavorful, creamy goat cheese sauce. Seasoned with fresh-tasting parsley and fragrant garlic, your family and friends are sure to ask for seconds. Recipe includes instructions for making a fancy roasted red pepper puree to serve alongside chicken, for those times when you want to make an elegant presentation.

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    New York Cheesecake

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    No collection of the best cheesy recipes would be complete without our favorite, crowd-pleasing New York cheesecake recipe. If you love a wonderfully dense cheesecake, this is the cheesecake recipe for you.

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    Cheesy French Onion Soup

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    French onion soup is a bistro classic and makes a fantastic first course recipe to serve at your dinner parties, or to warm your family's tummies on colder days. This delicious, cheesy onion soup recipe that's ready in under an hour is baked in individual pots in the oven, then topped with toasted Parmesan bread and Monterey Jack cheese.

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    Baked Beefy Nachos

    Nacho ground beef casserole.
    Diana Rattray

    These delicious, pub-style nachos are loaded with ground beef and classic vegetable toppings, including refried beans, then smothered with melted cheddar cheese. Serve them on game day, or anytime you want a hearty, cheesy, satisfying snack, along with your favorite garnishes and condiments.

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    Easy Cheese Souffle

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    Have you always wanted to try your hand at a classic French cheese souffle, but felt intimidated? This matter-of-fact recipe will change your life, by taking you step-by-step through easy, basic instructions for creating the perfect, simple cheese souffle. Once you've mastered this recipe, you can adapt it with your favorite flavors and additions as you wish.

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    Scrambled Eggs With Queso Fresco

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    Turn your everyday breakfast into something to shout about, when you whip up these easy scrambled eggs that are transformed with the addition of creamy, store-bought queso fresco. Queso fresco is a mild-tasting fresh cheese that adds delicious flavor, softness and creaminess to eggs. You can add hot sauce for bite, or enjoy these yummy, cheesy eggs as-is.