Chelsie Kenyon

Chelsie enjoys cooking authentic and traditional Mexican dishes in her own kitchen. She has spent the last 9 years at sharing her recipes and passion for Mexican Cuisine with her readers. Chelsie travels to Mexico frequently and shops at the neighborhood panaderias, carnicerias and farmer's markets in her own neighborhood and loves to use locally grown, fresh ingredients to create new recipes and improve family favorites. She is excited to share her recipes and knowledge with you to help you learn how to cook Mexican food.


Chelsie grew up surrounded by great cooks in her family and learned from a young age about spices and flavorings unique to Mexican food. As a young adult, she made several missionary trips to villages in Mexico during which she had a chance to discuss the local dishes and cooking techniques with the native people. She has also spent time in Chile which further enhanced her knowledge of Latin Cuisine. She has also been a guest speaker on the topic of cooking Mexican cuisine at local community colleges and more recently, elementary schools.

Chelsie is also the author of "Mexican Cooking" a cookbook featuring traditional Mexican dishes.

Chelsie Kenyon

There are so many wonderful aspects to Mexican cuisine with all of its delicious spices, flavors and rich history. Mexican food is a delicious blend of native Aztec and Mayan ingredients with Spanish influences. I hope that my recipes and informative articles give you a taste of some of the unique and traditional flavors of Mexico and help inspire you to learn more about the food from this rich and colorful country.

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