4 Chicken-Fried and Country-Fried Steaks

Satisfy your family with these hearty dishes

Chicken-Fried Steak With White Gravy

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Chicken-fried or country-fried steak is enjoyed everywhere in the U.S., but especially in the Southern and Southwestern states. It is usually made with round steak, tenderized then dipped in an egg and milk mixture, then dredged in seasoned flour or breadcrumbs. The coated steak is then fried in hot fat until the coating is crispy and browned, much like fried chicken. Country-fried steak can also be made by coating the tenderized steaks with seasoned flour or crumbs.

With chicken-fried steak, a milk gravy is often made and served with the steak, along with mashed potatoes. Country-fried steak is most often served with a brown gravy. However, this is not always the case, as you can see in various recipes. Smothered steak, another version, is fried then simmered in gravy, which makes a tougher cut of meat even more tender.

These fried steaks bear a resemblance to Wienerschnitzel, a dish that is usually made with veal or pork. According to The Dictionary of American Food and Drink by John Mariani, the term "chicken-fried steak" first appeared in print in the year 1952. It has long been a favorite dish in the South, Midwest, and the Southwest United States.

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    Chicken-Fried Steak With Milk Gravy

    Chicken Fried Steak with Milk Gravy

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    This Southern chicken-fried steak is made with round steak or sirloin tip steak. Milk or light cream along with pan drippings and make a tasty gravy. A dash of Tabasco and cayenne add some zest. You can enjoy it as an everyday family meal, served with mashed potatoes, green beans, and a green salad.

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    Country-Fried Steak With Brown Gravy

    country fried steak with gravy and green beans

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    This country-fried steak with brown gravy keeps to the definition of being served with brown gravy you make from the pan drippings and beef broth. The coating is crispy and the steaks are topped in the gravy to give them more flavor.

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    Annie's Texas Chicken-Fried Steaks

    Texas chicken fried steak

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    This recipe also uses cube steak, either bought at the store or made yourself with a mallet and a good cut of meat. Serve Annie's Texas chicken-fried steaks with biscuits, gravy, and mashed potatoes. You can buy prepared brown gravy or mushroom gravy if you don't want to take the step to make your own. Add your family's favorite vegetables for a delicious everyday meal.

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    Chicken-Fried Steak With White Gravy

    Chicken-Fried Steak With White Gravy

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    Don't be confused by the mention of chicken in the recipe since there is no chicken in it. Instead, the cube steak is cooked in the same style as crispy, breaded chicken. The chicken-fried steak with white gravy is a traditional Southern dish. These steaks aren't just for dinner, they make an excellent breakfast as well. Serve them for breakfast or brunch with eggs, toast, biscuits, home fries, country-fried potatoes, or hash browns for a hearty meal.