Tips for Cooking Chinese Food

Tips, Resources and Recipes for the Beginner Chinese Cook

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So you've decided to take the plunge and start cooking Chinese food. Congratulations! Prepared properly, Chinese food is healthier for you. Besides, it just plain tastes great—why else do gourmets argue over whether China or France has the world's finest cuisine?

Still, tackling strange cooking equipment and even stranger ingredients can be nerve-wracking. Below are resources to help ease your introduction into cooking Chinese food.

Before You Get Started

Basic Chinese Cooking Techniques

Basic Recipes for the Beginner

  • Top 10 Easy Chinese Recipes: These recipes don't require a wok or knowledge of Chinese cooking techniques.
  • Basic Fried Rice Recipe: Build upon this basic recipe by varying the add-ins and seasonings.
  • Pork or Beef Chop Suey Recipe: Although a Western invention, chop suey is a great choice for those nights when you're cleaning out the vegetable crisper.
  • Egg Drop Soup Recipe: Nothing could be simpler to make than this ever-popular Chinese soup.
  • Egg Rolls Recipe: Instructions are for an easy method of folding the egg rolls making a simple recipe even simpler.
  • Beef with Tomatoes Recipe: This Cantonese home-style dish is super easy to prepare.
  • Almond Float Recipe: A refreshing and easy-to-make dessert uses unflavored gelatin, evaporated milk, and canned or fresh fruit.​
  • More Easy Dessert Recipes: From almond float to bananas in coconut milk, these desserts are easy to prepare but are sure to impress.

Chinese Recipes with Step-by-Step Photo Instructions

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