Top Chinese Desserts for a New Year's Party

Here you'll find fun Chinese-inspired desserts (such as chocolate fondue with Asian fruit for dipping) along with classic Chinese desserts such as Egg Custard Tarts.

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    Almond Cookies

    Chinese almond cookies
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    These light, delicately flavored almond cookies are the perfect way to finish a meal. Another option is walnut cookies - walnuts have played a role in Chinese cuisine since ancient times.

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    Egg Custard Tarts

    Golden yellow Hong Kong, Chinese egg tarts
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    These light, baked egg custard tarts are a popular dim sum treat. They are very simple and classic. They are a great way to set out a light bite for those who just want a little something at the end of the meal.

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    Asian Ice Cream Flavors

    Lychee ice cream
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    Ginger ice cream is a light, refreshing dessert that makes the perfect end to a meal. You may be able to find this at the Asian or international market in the frozen food section. You can also make your own Asian ice cream flavors. Be adventurous and make durian ice cream, with extra credit if you use fresh durian (canned durian is an easier way to make it). Mango ice cream is one of the best flavors, and again can be made with fresh or canned mango. For a dairy-free alternative, make coconut ice cream with unsweetened coconut milk and coconut flakes.

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    Basic Fortune Cookies

    Close-up of fortune cookie in plate on table
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    Homemade fortune cookies taste so much better than storebought, and it's fun making up your own sayings to put in freshly made fortune cookies. Choose from basic fortune cookies or Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies.

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    Lychee Granita

    Lychee martini
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    If you're looking for something light that won't put your guests to sleep before midnight, Lychee Granita is the perfect choice. Sweet lychee fruit (available in tins from Asian markets and many grocery stores) is combined with lime juice and vodka to make granita, also called an Italian ice. Serve it up fancy in a martini glass for fun.

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    Almond Float Dessert

    Almond float
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    This easy-to-make almond float dessert consists of almond-flavored gelatin topped with fruit cocktail or an assortment of fresh fruit. It's easy and you can make a batch to please a crowd.

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    Bow Ties


    Egg roll wrappers are shaped like bow ties, deep-fried and finally coated in a brown sugar syrup. For a lighter version, feel free to dust the fried wrappers in icing sugar instead of the syrup.

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    Mango Pudding

    Mango pudding
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    This popular dim sum treat makes a light, refreshing dessert. It has a silky rich texture and nobody will say no to this pudding. Serve mango pudding in a fancy dessert glass and garnish it to take it from homespun to elegant.

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    Chocolate Fondue With Asian Fruit

    Serving pineapple and kiwifruit dippers is a great way to jazz up a standard chocolate fondue. You can go wild with the fruit you can find while exploring an Asian market if you want even more choices. They just have to be able to be cut large enough for dipping. Chinese steamed sponge cake also makes a great choice for dipping - just break the cake into pieces and dip into the warm melted chocolate. Guests will love chocolate fondue with Asian fruit!

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    Sponge Cake With Coconut Icing

    Triangular piece of cake over white background
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    Similar to Hawaiian Haupia, the sponge cake with coconut icing is a delicious treat!