Best Chinese Food Recipes to Cook at Home

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Chinese Food Recipes – Cooking Chinese Food

Chinese food recipes hand-picked from a variety of sources, indexed by type of food, cooking technique and regional cuisine.


Here are forty most popular dishes.


By Type of Food:


Recipes using different types of tofu, from silken, regular medium firm or firm tofu to pressed tofu and bean curd sheets. You can find 21 tofu recipes within this link.


This link contains the 25 most popular beef recipes in Chinese cuisine.


This link contains some delicious and popular Chinese bread and bun recipes including, but not limited to, Char Siu Bao and Flower Rolls.


This link contains a number of Chinese egg recipes, along with Egg Foo Yung, a classic comfort dish and street food favourite Tea Eggs.


Fruit Recipes:  

A variety of Asian fruit recipes or recipes using Asian fruits, from main dishes to desserts.


This link contains 5 delicious and popular Chinese lamb recipes


This link contains noodle recipes ranging from Chow Mein to Lo Mein. A collection of the most popular Chinese recipes featuring different types of noodles.


Pickled and Preserved Food Recipes:

Try some delicious and refreshing Chinese pickled and preserved food recipes


Pork is the most popular meat in China. Chinese people can use every inch of a pig to make all kinds of really delicious dishes. Try these Chinese pork recipes.


Chinese people believe in using all parts of a chicken, including the feet. Here are some interesting poultry recipes made with chicken, duck and turkey in Chinese cuisine.


This link contains some of the most popular Chinese rice recipes, from Pearl Meat Balls to Yangzhou Fried Rice. A classic collection of Chinese and Asian recipes with rice as the primary ingredient


Salad Recipes:

Some delicious Chinese inspired salad dishes using common Chinese ingredients.


Make you own Chinese seasonings and sauces, such as chili oil, hoisin dipping sauce and Sichuan chili sauce.


A collection of delicious Chinese and Asian seafood recipes.


Soup Recipes:

This linked contains 19 delicious and popular Chinese soup recipes.


Chinese ribs and spareribs are always popular in Chinese cuisine. This link contains many simply different recipes to show you how to make Chinese ribs or spareribs with just a few ingredients.


Sweet and Sour Recipes:

Almost everyone loves sweet and sour food. This link contains 12 delicious and popular sweet and sour dish recipes.


The recipes from this link feature a variety of Chinese vegetables, including eggplant and bitter melon, as well as western vegetables with an Oriental flare.


The recipes from this link shows you how to use everything from tofu to seaweed for protein to make delicious and healthy Chinese vegetarian recipes.


By Course:


Breakfast Recipes:

Feel bored of porridge or cereal for breakfast? Why don’t you try some delicious Chinese breakfast recipes?


This link contains some popular and delicious Chinese dessert recipes.


If you are thinking about serving dim sum or making some tasty appetizers for your friends and family, this link contains some “must try” dim sum recipes.


Looking for a good dip? Try these Chinese dipping sauce recipes.


Easy and delicious Chop Suey and Chow Mein recipes


By Regional Cuisine:


All Regions Recipes:

This link features recipes that may be found in any region of China.


This link features some of the most popular and delicious Cantonese recipes.


Eastern (Shanghai) Recipes:

Check this link for some delicious Eastern China or Shanghai recipes.


A collection of Chinese recipes representing the cuisine of northern China, including Beijing.


Sichuan Recipes:

A list of mouth-watering and delicious Sichuan recipes.


Southeast Asian Recipes:

Chinese food recipes hand-picked from a variety of sources, indexed by type of food, cooking technique and regional cuisine.


By Cooking Method:


Deep-fried Recipes:

A collection of recipes where deep-frying is the main cooking method.


A collection of stir-fry recipes indexed alphabetically.


Steaming is one of the three main cooking techniques used in Chinese cuisine. Here are a collection of recipes that only use steaming as the main cooking methods.


Basic Cooking Tips:




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