Top 9 Chinese Picnic Side Dishes

From salad rolls to a Chinese version of potato salad, these side dishes will help liven up your next picnic, barbecue, or other outdoor gathering. Several of the recipes call for rice vinegar – this can be found at Chinese/Asian groceries or in the international or ethnic food section of many supermarkets.

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    Chinese chicken salad
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    This recipe is easy to make – the only thing that takes any time is baking and shredding the chicken breast, which you can do earlier in the day. Leftovers taste great served in a wrap for lunch the next day.
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    vegetable roll
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    This recipe is both healthy and easy to make – rice paper wrappers are softened in water and filled with an assortment of vegetables and rice noodles. The rolls are served with a spicy hoisin and peanut dipping sauce. Feel free to jazz up the basic recipe by adding leftover cooked beef, chicken, or small shrimp.
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    Close-Up Of Potato Salad In Bowl On Table
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    This Asian take on potato salad features a colorful assortment of vegetables such as bok choy, red bell pepper and green onion, and has a flavorful rice vinegar dressing. A reader comments that the rice vinegar dressing also goes nicely with lightly sauteed mixed greens.
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    Two dishes of Chinese cuisine
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    Velvety red cabbage and emerald green bok choy are topped with a tart rice vinegar dressing.
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    Platter of egg rolls with dipping sauce
    Platter of egg rolls with dipping sauce. Getty Images/John E. Kelly
    Crispy egg rolls filled with bean sprouts, mushrooms, celery and pork. The recipe includes a number of egg roll cooking tips.
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    Plate of spring rolls, sauce and salad
    Plate of spring rolls and sauce. Getty Images/John Lund/Tom Penpark
    These flavorful egg rolls could make a meal in themselves. Marinated chicken breast is stir-fried and combined with sweet red bell pepper and other vegetables in an oyster-flavored sauce.
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    Szechuan Noodles
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    Egg noodles are tossed with a spicy dressing in this easy to make Szechuan dish.

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    This unusual, popular snack consists of hard boiled eggs simmered in tea and a combination of spices.

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    Traditional Chinese Food Fried Noodles
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    Hakka Noodles are topped with a flavorful dressing and served with a peanut and vegetable garnish.