Chinese Mango Pudding

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    A few slices of fresh lime add the final touch to the mango pudding
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Edited by Liv Wan


    This mango pudding recipe comes from Stephen Wong, who writes: “This simple dessert captures the glorious flavour of mangoes like no other. It’s texture is like silky rice and it tastes simply wonderful. Fresh cream is called for in the original recipe, but evaporated milk gives it the same richness without the fat.”


    If you’re a vegan, you can use soy milk or almond milk to replace the evaporated milk and replace the gelatin with other vegan friendly substitutes.


    This recipe requests you use 8 ice cubes but I personally think it’s a little bit unnecessary. I have made this dish myself a few times but I have never used ice cubes. You can just pour the mixture into a jelly mould or container then leave it to cool down before you cover it with cling film. You then leave it in a refrigerator to set.


    You can adjust the amount of sugar used to suit your personal preferences. If your mangoes are quite sour then use more sugar but otherwise you can use a little bit less sugar.


    To make this recipe for fresh mango pudding, you will need the following ingredients:


    2 envelopes unflavoured gelatin

    ¾ cup (175g) sugar

    1 cup (250ml) hot water

    3 cups (750ml) pureed fresh mangoes

    1 cup (250ml) 2 percent evaporated milk

    8 ice cubes

    Lime wedges, for garnish, optional

    Fresh mango slices for garnish, optional


    Guide Note: You will need 3 ripe mangoes, weighing at least 12 ounces.


    This is a sample recipe from HeartSmart Chinese Cooking by Stephen Wong, one of the books in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Heart Smart Library. Recipe reprinted with permission from Douglas & McIntyre. 

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    Make The Mango Puree-1

    Cubed Fresh Mango
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Peel off the mango skin with a paring knife. Cut the mongo flesh off and cut it into small cubes to make 3 cups of mango.

    You must make sure the mangoes you use are ripe or the flavour won’t taste as good as you use the ripe mangoes.  

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    Make The Mango Puree-2

    Pureed Fresh Mango
    Rhonda Parkinson

    Puree the mango pieces in the blender until smooth. 

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    Add Sugar And Gelatin

    Adding Gelatin to Hot Water
    Rhonda Parkinson
    1. Mix the sugar with hot water and give it a good stir to help the sugar to completely dissolve in the water.
    2. Leave the hot water to cool down a little bit.
    3. Soften the gelatin in cold water and squeeze out any excess water and use a whisk to stir in step 2. But before you do this, make sure the hot water has cooled down and turned into warm water. Make sure everything is dissolved and smooth. 
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    Combine All The Ingredients

    Making Mango Pudding
    Rhonda Parkinson
    1. In a large bowl, mix mango puree, evaporated milk and ice cubes.
    2. Pour gelatin mixture into mango mixture and stir until ice cubes are melted.

    (Guide Note: Feel free to whisk the mixture a few times to help make it smoother.)

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    Pour The Pudding Mixture Into A Bowl

    Rhonda Parkinson

    Pour Mixture into jelly mould or ramekin and chill until set, at least 3 hours. (Guide Note: Cover the pudding before refrigerating). 

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    The Final Touches

    Rhonda Parkinson

    If using a jelly mold, dip jelly mould briefly in hot water then turn the pudding out onto a platter. Sprinkle on some lime juice, garnish with lime wedges and mango slices. (guide note: or fresh lime slices, as used in the photo) if desired and serve.