Seven Options for a Chinese New Year Menu

Jiaozi (fried chinese dumpling)
Steve Brown Photography/Photolibrary/Getty Images

While attending an elaborate 12-course banquet at a Chinese restaurant is a great way to celebrate Chinese New Year, it's also fun to host your own Chinese New Years’ party at home. Here are a number of menu ideas to celebrate Chinese New Year - each menu includes at least one recipe that symbolizes good fortune or has other lucky connotations in Chinese culture. The menus call for Chinese tea, but feel free to serve alcohol as well - after all, this is a celebration!


Peking Duck Menu

*While Oriental Pate is a fusion recipe and not an authentic Chinese dish, the intriguing combination of chicken livers, cream cheese and spices makes a delicious start to the meal.

Spicy Sichuan Menu

Cantonese Classic


Family Feast

    Good Fortune

    Warming Winter Fare

    To learn more about "lucky" Chinese foods, see my feature on Symbolic Chinese Food and Recipes