How to Cook Basic Chinese Rice Dishes

Basic Congee Porridge

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Rice is a very important food in Chinese cuisine. From Pearl balls to Yangchow fried rice, a collection of Chinese and Asian recipes with rice as the primary ingredient.

Basic Rice

Basic Cooked Rice

Jasmine Rice

Steamed Rice

Chicken in RiceChicken in rice is a healthy one-dish meal that is easy to digest, making it a good choice for children and seniors. Feel free to add or substitute 2 or 3 Chinese sausages, cut on the diagonal into thin slices, or a few slices of cooked ham if desired.

Basic Congee: There are no rules about what you can add to congee, you can put all kinds of different ingredients into your congee. Typically people add meat, fish, vegetables and healthy herbs and you can also add shredded lotus root and gingko nuts. You can also make a sweet version of congee with Chinese dates, jujubes and a bit of rock sugar.

Shanghai Vegetable RicePlain cooked rice and stir-fried bok choy taste great on their own, but pairing them adds something extra. In this recipe for vegetable rice, adding stir-fried vegetables to steaming rice means the rice is nicely infused with their flavor. There are numerous variations on this eastern Chinese dish – for example, you can forego the mushrooms and add steamed Chinese sausages, or replace the bok choy with Chinese cabbage.  

Fried Rice

Basic Fried Rice RecipeYou can add to this basic recipe for fried rice as desired. If adding other ingredients, increase the number of eggs to 3.

Yangzhou Fried Rice RecipeYangzhou fried rice is one of the most popular fried rice dishes in the world. There are many different version of Yangzhou fried rice and here is a simple version of Yangzhou fried rice. 

Chicken Fried RiceChicken fried rice is a great way to use leftovers. Like all fried rice dishes, chicken fried rice tastes best when using leftover cooked rice.

Beef Fried Rice With Onion and Shredded Carrot Recipe: This beef fried rice recipe is very quick, easy and simple. It’s also full of nutrition which makes it a perfect weeknight dinner dish.

Prawn and Pineapple Fried Rice RecipeA most endearing memory of this dish is having the fried rice served literally in a pineapple. It’s just so much fun to see food that has been served in a pineapple rather than ordinary plates or bowls.

Glutinous Rice

Fabulous Stuffed Lotus Root With Sweet Sticky RiceThis is a classic Chinese dessert that’s delicious, beautiful, and suitable for serving in a banquet. 

Eight Treasure Rice Pudding Lunar New Year DessertThis dessert is a traditional Lunar New Year dessert. 

Chinese Pearl Meatballs Recipe: Pearl meatballs are a classic Chinese banquet and party appetizer. While this is a meatball in the sense it’s a ball of meat, because we cover it in a layer of glutinous rice we give it a much more attractive name of pearl meatball.

Lotus Leaf Wraps- Lo Mai Gai