Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Scotch Whisky

An Elegant and Affordable Scotch

Chivas 18YO Label
Chivas Regal 18. Luciano Martins/Flickr/Creative Commons

Chivas is known for a series of fine blended Scotch whiskies ranging from a 12-year-old to an amazing 25-year-old bottling. It is the middle of the range, the 18-year-old Gold Signature, that is the most popular and reasonably-priced for a Scotch that will impress your taste buds and any friends you may have over for an evening sipper.

Beyond the normal tasting of the Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Gold Signature Scotch, I was asked to compare it to another considerably more expensive blended whisky, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The Comparison

The profiles of the two Scotches are completely different - with Chivas being "bolder, sweeter, and with notes of charcoal" and Johnnie Walker Blue being "oakier, softer, and with notes of hay". I think which is better is subjective to individual taste.

Personally, I enjoy a very bold Scotch most of the time so my preference would lean toward Chivas. Though I really enjoy Johnnie Walker Blue, it can be too light for me, especially when the ice melts. It would depend on what mood I'm in at the moment as to which I choose. I see Chivas being a year-round Scotch and Johnnie Walker Blue a summer Scotch.

I also did a comparison with Johnnie Walker Black and that is a closer match to Chivas 18 in terms of its bold side, but again, I'm leaning toward a preference for Chivas.

Yet another consideration is the price. Since the average person may well find the pricier Scotches something of a luxury, it seemed worthwhile to compare two beverages from either end of the premium spectrum as a way of discovering what you might be missing when you don't choose the more expensive option. 

Beyond a subtle smoothness found in the Johnnie Walker and a completely different flavor profile, the money is well-spent either way. Again, Scotch and whisky in general are so subjective to taste that each person should follow their own preferences.

Tasting Notes on Chivas 18YO

Chivas Regal 18 is a rich amber color, that of red wheat, and it opens with the aroma of sweet citrus, apple and a slight amount of oak. The velvet palate is filled with caramel and peat with warm, burnt orange notes. It finishes very dry and slightly spicy with a satisfying smoke at the back.

About Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Gold Signature Scotch Whisky

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