Christmas Leftovers Recipes

Too Many Candy Canes?

Ham Stuffed Manicotti. Linda Larsen

The week between Christmas and New Year's is filled with bargain hunting at after-Christmas sales, gift exchanges and returns, parties - and leftovers! Most of us have turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, roast beef, or cranberry sauce sitting in the refrigerator, covered with foil and plastic wrap. And lots of candy canes on the tree. Turn these foods into delicious Christmas leftover recipes to feed family and friends.

Try these delicious recipes using the remains of your Christmas feast to make wonderful meals and treats. They are, of course, good enough to serve to company. But also treat your family to a warm, comforting meal on one of the cold and crisp days after Christmas.

Christmas Leftovers Recipes

  • Ham Stuffed Manicotti
    This rich and comforting dish uses leftover ham in the most wonderful way. Enjoy it whether you have leftover ham or if you go out and purchase it just for this recipe!
  • Chicken Tomato Wraps
    These fresh tasting wraps are so easy to make. Put together the filling and keep it in the fridge, then your guests or kids can roll their own!
  • Wild Rice Chowder With Ham
    The combination of textures and flavors in this easy recipe are really wonderful. You can make the chowder without ham too, if you'd like.
  • Ham and Swiss Quiche
    This classic and comforting quiche is perfect for a cold winter night when you've had a hard day. It's mild, with the perfect texture and flavor.
  • Ham and Polenta Casserole
    This simple five ingredient recipe is so quick to make; use refrigerated prepared polenta, a container of Alfredo sauce, ham, asparagus and Parmesan cheese for a wonderful meal in minutes.
  • Updated Turkey Mornay
    This is my favorite updated and easy classic holiday leftover recipe. It's a sophisticated version of Turkey a la King. Or if you feel like making something from scratch, the original Turkey Mornay recipe is perfect.
  • Ham Filo Roll
    Nobody will ever think that this recipe is made using leftovers. It's elegant enough to serve to company.
  • Candy Cane Kisses
    Make candies out of candy canes! This is another great project for kids at home during Christmas vacation.

Big chunks of meat are too good to waste, and boring if not treated with imagination. Casseroles, soups, stratas, and stuffed pastas are some of my favorite ways to transform meats into delicious meals. And leftovers should be used quickly, for food safety reasons. Turkey should be eaten within two or three days. Ham lasts a little longer - four or five days. Roast beef should also be used within a few days. Freezing these ingredients will keep them safe and delicious for about a month.

You don't have to spend this week making ham or turkey sandwiches. Cranberry sauce is a wonderful dessert ingredient. Mashed potatoes can be an elegant filling for beef rolls. And ham is delicious in pasta, soups, and a crispy, savory filo roll. I love turkey in a rich cheese sauce, layered over toasted English muffins and broiled until bubbly. And leftover Christmas cookies aren't leftover - they're meant to be eaten!