20 Best Classic and Modern Eggnog Recipes

There's a Christmas Eggnog Cocktail for Everyone

Bourbon eggnog for a holiday party

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Few drinks fit the holiday season like a glass of eggnog, and there are several ways to enjoy this traditional drink. From classic recipes for parties to modern eggnog cocktails made by the glass and many with international flair, you have a variety of tasty eggnog recipes to explore.

Most homemade eggnog recipes follow a basic formula: eggs are mixed with sugar, milk and/or cream, and liquor. You also have the choice between brandy, whiskey, or rum, no liquor at all, and even egg-free options. Seasonal flavors are often added, and a few cocktail recipes rely on store-bought eggnog, so they're even easier. There really is a recipe for everyone, so let's get noggin'!


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    Homemade Eggnog

    Classic Homemade Eggnog

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    Keep holiday traditions alive (or start new ones) with an old-fashioned eggnog recipe. Perfect for a small party, it includes all the basics, and there's an option for cooked eggnog if you're wary of drinking raw eggs.

    Ensure Your Eggnog Is Safe to Drink

    Raw eggs carry the potential for bacteria like salmonella, though that's very rare, so eggnog is generally safe to drink for most people. When making eggnog, use only the freshest eggs or choose pasteurized eggs, and be diligent about cleanliness. Cooking the eggs is another option, and this is done by tempering eggs with warm dairy to slowly heat them to a safe temperature.

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    Traditional Rum Eggnog

    Rum Eggnog

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    On a smaller scale, pull out your cocktail shaker to quickly make eggnog for just one or two people. Due to the base liquor, this rum eggnog recipe creates a slightly sweeter cocktail. You'll also appreciate the extra flavor provided by almond and vanilla extracts.

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    Brandy Eggnog

    Brandy Eggnog Cocktail Recipe

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    When you don't want to waste any time, this brandy eggnog is a great option. It's a favorite recipe among bartenders, has a classic brandy base, and requires just three other ingredients. If you thought eggnog was too difficult to make at home, this recipe will change your mind.

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    Bourbon Eggnog

    Bourbon eggnog for a holiday party

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    A variation of the traditional recipe, this bourbon eggnog is filled with layers of flavor. It uses three liquors, and the combination of whiskey, cognac, and orange liqueur is a brilliant foundation for the seasonal spices. The recipe is designed for an intimate party and can be prepared the night before.

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    Nonalcoholic Eggnog

    Non-Alcoholic Holiday Eggnog

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    Eggnog is a beverage that everyone can enjoy. While you can simply skip the liquor in any recipe, this eggnog is nonalcoholic from the very start. The eggs are cooked, and you can store the nog for up to three days before whipping in the cream.

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    Keto Eggnog

    Keto Eggnog

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    For anyone who wants to avoid sugar, keto eggnog is ideal. The recipe uses two sugar-free sweeteners and unsweetened almond milk. Since heavy cream is keto, it's included to ensure a luscious beverage, though coconut milk is an option.

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    Vegan Eggnog

    Vegan eggnog recipe

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    That's right, eggnog without eggs! The key to this recipe is a combination of silken (soft) tofu and soy milk blended with vanilla extract and rum or brandy. It's surprisingly tasty, and you might not even notice the difference.

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    Coquito recipe

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    Another eggless option, the coquito is Puerto Rico's spin on eggnog. Rather than eggs, this punch drink relies on coconut, rum, and traditional spices, and it's best served cold.

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    Easy Rum Eggnog

    Easier Than Eggnog Final

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    Aged rum and ruby port add a dark, complex background flavor to this easy eggnog recipe. It's one of the quick versions that is shaken up by the glass, and in just a few minutes, you'll have luscious eggnog to enjoy without any extra fuss.

    Shaking Raw Egg Cocktails

    Dry shaking is one secret to producing the best-tasting egg cocktails. This simply means holding the ice while you shake all the ingredients, then adding ice for a second round of vigorous shaking. The technique ensures everything is thoroughly mixed and creates a frothier drink.

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    Gingerbread Eggnog

    Gingerbread Eggnog

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    A twist on traditional recipes, the gingerbread eggnog is filled with delicious flavors and can quickly get any nog-hater to flip to the other side. Ginger and molasses, along with the seasonal spices, give it that classic gingerbread taste. The rum is optional, so it can be nonalcoholic.

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    Eggnog Martini

    Eggnog Martini

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    Make good use of pre-made nog with the eggnog martini recipe. Vanilla vodka and amaretto produce a perfectly delicious way to use up a carton of eggnog. To complete the festive martini, add a little nutmeg and cinnamon.

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    White Christmas

    White Christmas cocktail recipe

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    Try the white Christmas recipe if you have a favorite store-bought eggnog and are looking for a new way to enjoy it. The cocktail pairs Southern Comfort and white chocolate liqueur with a healthy dose of premade eggnog, and it's rather delicious.

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    Fireball Eggnog

    Fireball Eggnog Cocktail

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    Cinnamon lovers will thoroughly enjoy this tasty Fireball eggnog. Made with the popular cinnamon-flavored whiskey and amaretto, it dresses up prepared eggnog and includes a cinnamon-sugar rim for an extra sweet touch.

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    Rompope Mexican Eggnog

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    For the Mexican take on eggnog, look no further than rompope. In this old-fashioned egg punch, you'll mix sweetened and spiced warm milk with blanched almonds and egg yolks. Let it cool, then stir in rum for a party-worthy drink.

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    Caribbean Punch de Creme Eggnog

    Caribbean Punch de Creme Eggnog

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    Many people enjoy drinking punch de creme on Christmas morning in Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean recipe prefers dark rum and gets an intriguing spin from lime zest. To let the flavor develop properly, plan on mixing it up a day in advance.

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    Tom and Jerry

    Tom and Jerry Cocktail

    The Spruce Eats

    Turn to the classic Tom and Jerry recipe when you want to serve your eggnog on the warm side. It's a popular option at American bars around the holidays. You can make up the batter anytime you like and, when it's time to serve, simply add rum, brandy, and warm milk or water.

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    Holiday Spice Cocktail

    Ciroc holiday spice cocktail recipe

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    Coconut and pineapple give this eggnog-like cocktail a tropical twist. The holiday spice cocktail is a fabulous way to lift spirits in the middle of winter and takes just minutes to shake up. Choose your favorite coconut vodka, pick up some cream of coconut and pineapple juice, and don't forget the spices.

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    Polish Kogel Mogel

    Polisoh Kogel Mogel
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    Kogel mogel is a centuries-old dessert from Poland's Jewish communities. Essentially very thick eggnog, the base is nothing more than egg yolks and honey, though you can add other ingredients. Try it with cocoa powder, raisins, or nuts, and spike it with rum or vodka if you like.

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    Traditional Dutch Advocaat

    Traditional Dutch Advocaat liqueur recipe

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    Advocaat is the Dutch answer to an eggnog-like custard dessert. It's thick, rich, and an indulgent choice for the holidays. Serve it alongside small bites of fudge or salted caramels and everyone will be thrilled.

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    Eierlikör Egg Liqueur Eierlikoer

    Eierlikoer German Egg Liqueur in glasses and a glass bottle on a marble tray

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    Eierlikör (or eierlikoer) is a popular homemade liquor from Germany that makes a fun gift. It's a heated blend of egg yolks, milk, cream, and vanilla spiked with both vodka and brandy. The longer you let its flavors develop before drinking it, the better it tastes.