Classic French Cookies

This photo gallery of classic French cookie recipes features macarons, lava stones, sables, madeleines, and palmiers. French cookies.

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    Almond Macaroons

    Delicious Macarons
    The Spruce

    This almond macaron recipe is the most basic version of the classic biscuit. Crisp on the outside, and chewy-moist on the interior, these treats need no fill to be absolutely delicious.

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    ingwervanille / Getty Images

    Madeleines are plump, little sponge cakes traditionally flavored with just vanilla. These have a small bit of orange zest in them for added warmth and aroma.

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    Vanilla Sables

    Sable cookies
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    This is the basic, classic version of the sable cookie recipe. It can be varied in so many ways, from adding a flavored cream filling to spicing the batter. Make your own signature sable recipe or enjoy it the traditional way - vanilla.