10 Best Magazines for Bartenders and Adult Beverage Enthusiasts

Magazines That Focus on Cocktails, Liquor, Wine, and Beer

While browsing through popular magazines, you may find the occasional cocktail recipe or news about a hot new liqueur, but what if you want more? Even though there are only a few magazines dedicated to cocktails, bartending, and other adult beverages, the ones that are available are worth a subscription.

Some magazines explore a variety of drinks, while others are dedicated to the craft of bartending, or specifically to whiskey, wine, or beer. Let's explore the best spirited magazines.

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    Imbibe Magazine

    Imbibe Magazine Explores "Liquid Culture"
    Imbibe Magazine

    "Imbibe" is the best drink magazine you will find. Its tagline is "Liquid Culture" and it is filled with an array of articles on almost any beverage you could think of. Cocktails and liquor make a regular appearance, though you'll also find wine, beer, coffee, and tea among its issues. 

    This is a magazine that amateurs, professionals, and enthusiasts will all enjoy. It publishes six issues a year and offers both print and digital subscription options.

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    Chilled Magazine

    Chilled Magazine Is All About Drinking Well
    Chilled Magazine

    "Chilled" is the magazine for professional bartenders and mixologists. It's also perfect for anyone associated with the wine, spirits, or hospitality industries because it offers great insight into the latest trends behind the bar. From impressive recipes to personality profiles and industry news, it's packed with great insights.

    The best news for pros is that the print edition is free for anyone in the trade. With six issues each year, you can't beat that deal.

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    Bartender Magazine

    Bartender Magazine
    Bartender Magazine

    "Bartender" is one of the oldest magazines dedicated to mixing drinks and it remains a good read for bartenders. It features profiles of bars and bartenders, liquor reviews, and much more.

    Published just three times a year, a print subscription is available. However, the digital subscription is available for free on the website and through Issuu.

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    Whisky Magazine

    Whisky Magazine Focuses on All Styles of Whiskey

    As you may have guessed, "Whisky Magazine" is all about whisky. Each issue gets in-depth on the industry with reviews, profiles, and issues affecting distilleries. You will also find everything you wanted to know about the world of whisky.

    Published eight times each year, this is definitely a subscription any whisky enthusiast or bartender will appreciate. It is not the cheapest magazine, though the print and digital subscriptions are worth every penny.

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    Whisky Advocate

    Whisky Advocate Is the Ultimate Magazine for Any Whiskey Lover
    Whisky Advocate

    You may have been familiar with "Malt Advocate" in the past, though today the magazine is called "Whisky Advocate." They dropped the beer and are now exclusively all about whisky.

    "Whisky Advocate" is a great magazine for any whisky connoisseur. It offers four print issues a year and is filled with intriguing articles. The publisher also puts on Whisky Fest, a series of annual gatherings for enthusiasts in a few major U.S. cities.

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    Irish Whiskey Magazine

    Irish Whiskey Magazine Celebrates the Country's Favorite Liquor
    Irish Whiskey Magazine

    "Irish Whiskey Magazine" is rather new and the issues are few, but it shows great promise. If you love this particular style of whiskey, it is a must-have in your library. From the history of the world's oldest whiskey to modern sipping, it's a great read in every issue.

    This one publishes four times a year, but it's a top-notch magazine that you'll enjoy reading cover to cover. Be sure to order the back issues because they're filled with must-read stories.

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    The Tasting Panel Magazine

    The Tasting Panel Magazine Covers Wine and Liquor
    The Tasting Panel

    "The Tasting Panel" is the magazine for anyone who wants to stay up to date on the latest distilled spirits and wine. If there's a new brand or label on the market, you'll probably read about it in this publication. It is perfect for both enthusiasts and industry professionals.

    Once again, if you're in the trade, you can take advantage of the complimentary print edition. Consumers can enjoy it for a reasonable subscription fee. You can also enjoy the latest digital issue on their website to check it out.

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    Wine & Spirits Magazine

    Wine and Spirits Magazine
    Wine and Spirits Magazine

    "Wine & Spirits" is another excellent magazine for enthusiasts of adult beverages. There are more wine articles than distilled spirits coverage, but it's all worth reading. 

    This magazine is ideal for sommeliers and wine enthusiasts who like learning a bit about liquor at the same time. It's a quality publication with eight issues each year and both the digital and print subscriptions are reasonable.

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    Beer Advocate

    Beer Advocate Magazine Is Ideal for Beer Lovers
    Beer Advocate Magazine

    "Beer Advocate" is dedicated to nothing but beer and it's always a great read. It caters to pros in the industry as well as homebrewers and the average beer drinker. It's fun and insightful, a perfect way to dive into the vast world of beer.

    Another quarterly magazine, the subscription is offered at a good price. Their website is also a great source of information and they have one of the few beer forums left that is really active.

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    All About Beer

    All About Beer Magazine
    All About Beer

    "All About Beer" is the other noteworthy magazine for beer enthusiasts. This one focuses a lot on brands, so if you want to stay up to date on the latest from big and small brewers in the industry, it's an excellent choice.

    With either the print or digital subscription, you'll receive six issues each year. They are available for the same price or you can choose to subscribe to both.