Coffee Ice Cream Recipes

Coffee, Espresso & Mocha Ice Cream Recipes

Coffee ice cream is a delicious treat on its own and a fantastic ingredient for coffee milkshakes, coffee cocktails and ice cream sundaes. Check out the top coffee ice cream recipes, including Kahlua & Espresso Ice Cream, Coffee Gelato and more.

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    Coffee Can Ice Cream

    Bowl of Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
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    If you don't have an ice cream maker, this basic coffee ice cream recipe is perfect for you. It takes a little longer to make than it would if you had an ice cream maker, but it's worth all the effort. (If you don't have an ice cream maker you can also make ice cream in a coffee can.)

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    Easy Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

    Coffee ice cream in a cup
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    This easy coffee ice cream recipe uses light cream, whipping cream and chilled coffee for a decadently smooth, rich coffee-and-cream flavor.

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    Instant Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

    Instant coffee and spoon
    AsherDB/Getty Images

    This coffee ice cream recipe uses instant coffee for its coffee flavor. It's easy to make and can easily be adjusted to suit your tastes.

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    Walnut-Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

    Walnuts Isolated on White Background
    KevinDyer/Getty Images

    Walnuts add texture and flavor to this coffee ice cream recipe, which calls for both instant coffee and cold coffee.

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    Kahlua & Espresso Ice Cream Recipe

    Italian espresso coffee in glass and raw beans
    Les Hirondelles Photography

    The flavors of Kahlua coffee liqueur and brewed espresso make this coffee ice cream recipe perfect for adults in search of something more sophisticated than your average coffee ice cream.

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    Mocha Ice Cream Recipe

    Stracciatella coffee ice cream with chocolate
    Fabio Bianchini

    Love chocolate? Try this mocha ice cream recipe. It tastes like a denser, more decadent version of a Mocha Latte.

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    Jamocha Ice Cream Recipe

    Chocolate Ice Cream
    mphillips007/Getty Images

    Instant espresso powder and chocolate milk give this easy ice cream recipe its mocha flavor, which was created to mimic the flavor of the Arby's Jamocha milkshake.

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    Mocha Sorbet Recipe

    Scoops of chocolate icecream
    milanfoto/Getty Images

    This mocha sorbet recipe is heavier on the chocolate than the espresso, but it still has a pleasing mocha flavor and is much lower in fat than mocha ice cream.

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    Coffee Ice Cream With Espresso Brittle Swirl

    Fudge swirl ice cream
    Susan Kinast/Getty Images

    Double down on coffee flavor with this two-part recipe for coffee ice cream swirled with espresso brittle.