What's in Season in Colorado? A Monthly Fruit and Vegetable Guide

Get to Know the State's Bountiful Harvests

Montmorency Cherries

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Not sure when to expect Colorado's famously good cherries and peaches? Wondering if chard will finally show up at the farmers' market? Look no further than this guide, which takes you month-by-month through Colorado's bountiful produce.

Do note that exact harvest times vary year-to-year depending on the circumstances of the growing season, including frost, pests, temperatures, and rainfalls. In the warmest years, seasons start earlier and last longer; in colder years harvest times begin later and end sooner. Some Colorado farmers have heated greenhouses, also known as hothouses, to grow vegetables throughout the winter or extend the growing season of crops that don't typically grow in colder months.

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    Fresh stinging nettle leaves in a bowl on a wooden table

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    April typically kicks off the yearly harvest in Colorado. Depending on the weather and other factors, the season could be at either the beginning or end of the month. As the weather warms, the following produce can be harvested:

    • Morels, April through June
    • Nettles, April through June
    • Sprouts, April (and available year-round from hot houses)
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    Many Types of Radishes

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    In Colorado, May tends to yield a lot of beans and greens. Expect to see the following vegetables this month:

    • Arugula begins in May and can be available year-round from hothouses
    • Asparagus, May
    • Fava beans, May
    • Green garlic, May and June
    • Mint, May through October
    • Pea greens, May through June
    • Peas and pea pods, May through June
    • Radishes, May through November
    • Rhubarb, May through September
    • Spinach, May through October
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    Fresh Flat-Leaf Parsley
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    With longer days and more sunshine, June in Colorado is a time for fruit, including cherries and blueberries. You'll be able to find these at markets and farm stands:

    • Basil, June through September
    • Blueberries, June and July
    • Cherries, June
    • Fennel, June through September
    • Green onions/scallions, June through October
    • Lettuce, June into November
    • New potatoes, June and July
    • Parsley, June through October
    • Strawberries, June into October 
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    Ripe Tomatoes in a Basket

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    July in Colorado means more vegetables, including sweet corn and bursting tomatoes. The following fruits and vegetables are likely available:

    • Beets, July through October
    • Broccoli, July through October
    • Celery, July through October
    • Chard, July through October
    • Corn, July through October
    • Cucumbers, July through October
    • Garlic, July through September
    • Green beans, July through September
    • Potatoes, July through November
    • Shallots, July through October
    • Tomatoes, July through October
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    Fresh, Whole Nectarines

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    Deep in the heart of summer, August harvests include juicy cantaloupes and sweet stone fruits. It's the perfect month for a fresh fruit salad with all local produce. 

    • Apples, August through October
    • Apricots, August through September
    • Blackberries, August through September
    • Cabbage, August into November
    • Cantaloupes, August through October
    • Carrots, August through November
    • Cauliflower, August through October
    • Chiles, August through October
    • Collard greens, August through October
    • Eggplant, August through October
    • Kale, August through November
    • Leeks, August through December
    • Melons, August through October
    • Nectarines, August and September
    • Onions, August through December 
    • Oregano, August and September
    • Peaches, August and September
    • Peppers (sweet), August into October
    • Plums and pluots, August
    • Radicchio, August through November
    • Raspberries, August into October
    • Squash (summer), August into October
    • Squash (winter), August into December
    • Sweet Onions, August through October
    • Zucchini Blossoms, August
    • Zucchini, August into October
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    Green Escarole (Endive)

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    As fall begins, Colorado farms continue to grow the following:

    • Broccoli raab, September and October
    • Celeriac/celery root, September, and October
    • Chicories, September through November
    • Escarole, September into November
    • Grapes, September into October
    • Parsnips, September and October
    • Pears, September, and October
    • Pumpkins, September and October
    • Shelling beans, September
    • Watermelons, September into October
    • Winter Squash, September into November 
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    Organic turnips
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    The last harvest month of the year, October yields the following:

    • Rutabagas, October and November
    • Turnips, October into December