Start With Turkey Tenderloins

Turkey Cordon Bleu
Turkey Cordon Bleu. Linda Larsen

Turkey tenderloins are part of the turkey breast. They are sold separately in many supermarkets. (Did you know that if your market doesn't carry a food item, you can ask the manager if she will order it for you? These stores want to keep their customers happy.)

Turkey tenderloins cook quickly and, because they are low in fat, can be dry. These quick and easy start with turkey tenderloin recipes prevent that by coating the tenderloins in crumbs, marinating them in sweet and savory ingredients, and cooking them by roasting, grilling, and sauteing.

Remember that you can change these recipes any way you'd like to use your favorite ingredients. Change the cheese used, change the vegetables, and change the herbs and spices. Just be sure to write down what you did change so you can reproduce the recipe in the future.

And remember that turkey has to be cooked to 160°F for food safety reasons. Use a reliable meat thermometer to be absolutely sure of the final cooking temperature. Enjoy these easy recipes.

Start With Turkey Tenderloins

  • Turkey Cordon Bleu
    I adore this easy recipe. I left out the ham because I don't like it, but if you want you can add some chopped ham to the cheese before enclosing the filling with the turkey. This recipe bakes at a slow temperature so the turkey stays moist and juicy.
  • Lemon Turkey Tenderloin
    You can marinate the turkey for 20 minutes at room temperature in this recipe, or  marinate it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. This method makes such tender and moist turkey with the best flavor.