Top 20 Corned Beef Recipes

From Home Cured Corned Beef to Corned Beef Casseroles and Soups

Corned beef and vegetables on a platter.
Diana Rattray

Corned beef is a popular meat for St. Patrick's Day meals and comforting boiled dinners, but don't wait for spring to enjoy the flavorful meat. The most common cuts of corned beef are the brisket; either flat cut or point cut. The point cut is delicious, but it is fattier throughout and doesn't slice well; use it if you want shredded corned beef for sandwiches and leftovers. The flat cut is the best choice if you want to serve neat slices. Some other cuts you might find are the eye-of-round and bottom round. Both are leaner than the brisket cuts but not as tender.

These corned beef recipes include casseroles, soups, sandwiches, and home corned beef.