What In the World Is Costco's “Forbidden Glizzy”?

I got to the bottom of this food court hack.

Costco storefront with flowers

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If the unbeatable deals on bulk groceries and delicious free samples aren’t convincing enough reasons for a Costco trip, members have found yet another reason to head to the wholesale warehouse. For the past few months, people have been flocking to their local Costco for a special food court concoction known as the “Forbidden Glizzy,” a viral food court hack that combines two beloved menu items into one strange-but-intriguing creation. 

How to Make Costco's Forbidden Glizzy

The name sounds a bit creepy and intimidating, but the premise is actually pretty simple. To secure a Forbidden Glizzy, you go to the Costco food court and order a chicken bake, which is basically rolled pizza dough stuffed with chicken caesar salad ingredients, along with bacon and onion. (Some describe it as an “elevated Hot Pocket.”)

Then, you order a hot dog without a bun (or you can save the bun for later). Bite both the ends off the chicken bake, and—OK, here’s where it gets weird—proceed to stuff the hot dog inside of it.  Congrats, you’ve got yourself a Forbidden Glizzy. 

So, Um, Where Did This Trend Start Anyways?

I'm totally sure about the hack’s origins, but as with many social media trends, this one seems to have roots on TikTok  and Reddit. As for the strange name? Apparently, “glizzy” is a Washington D.C.-based slang term for hot dog, and the “forbidden” aspect probably just means it’s not a regular  menu item. Plus, as many Redditors note, it feels a little odd—wrong, even—to stuff an entire hot dog into a gooey chicken bake. 

But the forbidden factor is definitely not stopping people, some of whom claim the menu hack is “really good” and “the best kept secret ever.” One reporter claims the caesar dressing goes surprisingly well with the hot dog, and that the overall combination of flavors “danced like witches in the moonlight.” Quite convincing, I’ll admit.

The best part, in my opinion, is how much food you get for the price, which is par for the course in the Costco aisles and food court alike. As long as you have a Costco location nearby, you can enjoy the Forbidden Glizzy for around $6—the chicken bake is $3.99, and a hot dog and soda combo goes for $1.50. Sure, you may have to sacrifice a bit of your pride in the process—but if you’re worried about that, then I suggest you assemble and savor your Forbidden Glizzy in privacy.