12 Easy and Comforting Crockpot Pasta Recipes

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When you crave a satisfying pasta dinner, but are short on time, reach for these easy and delicious crockpot recipes. We've included plenty of time-saving dishes here that you can prep in minutes in the morning and serve for weeknight family dinners, plus a few that are special enough for company. From the ultimate crockpot spaghetti and meatballs to a wonderful vegan lasagna (and even slow cooker chicken chow mein), you'll find plenty of ideas here for cooking pasta in the handy kitchen appliance.

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    Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

    Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

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    Creamy macaroni and cheese is always a pleasure to dig into, whether you're serving it to kids as a hot lunch or enjoying it at dinner time. This crockpot mac and cheese needs fewer than 10 ingredients and is super easy to make. Simply cook and drain the pasta, then add to the slow cooker with other ingredients. Wait about three hours, then get eating!

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    Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

    Easy Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff

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    For an easy, comforting, cold weather dinner you can throw together in minutes in the morning, try this classic beef stroganoff. The slow cooker is the ideal method for cooking well-marinated chunks of beef in an extra-rich and mushroomy sour cream sauce. Serve over hot cooked egg noodles.

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    Crockpot Spaghetti and Meatballs

    Slow-Cooker Spaghetti and Meatballs

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    Once you've made spaghetti and meatballs in the slow cooker, you may never go back. The sauce cooks all day long, taking on an enormous amount of flavor, just like the red sauce nonna used to make. Use prepared frozen meatballs if you like, as a time-saving shortcut, ladling the finished meatballs and sauce over your choice of hot, cooked pasta noodles.

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    Crockpot Lasagna

    Crockpot Lasagna

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    Make this meat lover's lasagna when you're craving a hearty, Italian-style dinner, but don't have time to fuss in the kitchen. Brown ground beef in a skillet in the morning, simmering it briefly with jarred spaghetti sauce. Then layer the mixture in the crockpot with uncooked lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella cheese, and leave to cook hands-free for hours. Top with parmesan cheese for serving.

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    Easy, Cheesy Crockpot Chicken Alfredo

    Easy, Cheesy Crockpot Chicken Alfredo

    The Spruce

    Easy, cheesy chicken Alfredo tastes luscious and special but is incredibly easy to make in the slow cooker. Assemble chopped chicken breasts or thighs in the appliance with packaged fresh fettuccine, garlic, onions, red bell pepper, and jarred four-cheese Alfredo sauce, and allow to cook for several hours. Add thawed frozen broccoli florets near the end of cooking, for extra color and flavor.

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    Crockpot Turkey Tetrazzini

    Crock Pot Turkey Tetrazzini

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    Got leftover roast turkey from a holiday feast? Use it to make saucy crockpot turkey tetrazzini. This is a "dump dinner" style dish that you make by adding all the ingredients into the crockpot at once. By the time you come home, diced cooked turkey, mushrooms, condensed cream of chicken soup, and cheddar cheese will have transformed into a tasty, filling meal.

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    Crockpot Pizza Pasta Casserole

    Crock Pot Pizza Pasta Casserole

    Diana Rattray

    Do something different for pizza night with this kid-pleasing crockpot pizza pasta casserole. Ground beef, jarred pizza sauce, tomatoes, onion, and pepperoni slices go into the long-cooked sauce, with boiled pasta and cheeses added at the end for the perfect al dente texture. Feel free to tweak it to taste with your family's favorite pizza toppings.

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    Hearty Crockpot Beef Stew With Pasta and Vegetables

    Healthy Crockpot Beef Stew

    The Spruce / Abbey Littlejohn

    Hearty, protein-packed crockpot beef stew with pasta and beans makes a great Sunday dinner, and is easy enough for beginner cooks. No extra step of browning is needed before adding the beef to the crockpot, along with red wine, beef broth, diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, and baby carrots. Add dry pasta and thawed frozen green beans right at the end of serving, for perfect al dente results.

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    Crockpot Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo

    Crock Pot Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo

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    Chicken and shrimp taste wonderful together in this elegant, super-creamy slow cooker dish that is meant to be served over hot cooked linguine or spaghetti. Thawed frozen cooked shrimp are added near the end of cooking, so they don't become tough. And plenty of veggies, thyme, and basil add gorgeous color and flavor. Use jarred Alfredo sauce as an easy shortcut.

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    Crockpot Chicken Chow Mein

    Crockpot Chicken Chow Mein

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Who needs takeout when you can cook restaurant-style chicken chow mein in your own crockpot? Make it easily with this set-it-and-forget-it recipe that includes tender chicken breasts, chewy chow mein noodles, crunchy water chestnuts, carrots, green onions, bean sprouts, and celery.

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    Saucy Crockpot Beef With Noodles

    Saucy Crockpot Beef With Noodles

    The Spruce/Katarina Zunic

    Condensed golden mushroom soup with red wine creates a delicious sauce for cubed stewing beef in this satisfying crockpot beef and noodles dinner. You can cook the noodles separately, or add them to the stew for the last 10 minutes of cooking, so they soak up all that great beefy flavor.

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    Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

    Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

    The Spruce / Diana Chistruga

    Oodles of noodles, slow-braised chicken pieces, and chopped fresh vegetables make this warming chicken noodle soup an essential crockpot recipe to know. Cook chicken and veggies with basic seasonings for six hours in the crockpot, to develop deep flavor in the broth. Add pasta near the end of cooking, for perfectly tender noodles.