Creamy Light Low-Fat White Sauce

white sauce
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Prep: 10 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Total: 20 mins
Servings: 6 servings
Nutrition Facts (per serving)
74 Calories
0g Fat
11g Carbs
4g Protein
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Nutrition Facts
Servings: 6
Amount per serving
Calories 74
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 2mg 1%
Sodium 289mg 13%
Total Carbohydrate 11g 4%
Dietary Fiber 0g 1%
Total Sugars 5g
Protein 4g
Vitamin C 0mg 1%
Calcium 107mg 8%
Iron 0mg 3%
Potassium 168mg 4%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
(Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate.)

This easy low-fat white sauce recipe is similar to a basic bechamel sauce but without the guilt and the extra calories. Offering a base of chicken broth, skim milk, flour, and white wine, this sauce is made even more flavorful with a little onion and optional cheese. Quick to make—taking around 20 minutes—this white sauce is sure to become part of your repertoire as it can be served over pasta, chicken, shrimp and other seafood, eggs, and more. 

This white sauce is very versatile and can be jazzed up with herbs and spices such as parsley, thyme, and nutmeg. Or, change up the cheese, or add some garlic. 


  • 2 tablespoons finely minced onion

  • 1/2 cup chicken broth

  • 2 cups skim milk

  • 1/3 cup all-purpose flour

  • 1/2 cup dry white wine

  • 1 teaspoon chicken base, or bouillon granules

  • Salt, to taste

  • Black pepper, to taste

  • 3 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese, optional

Steps to Make It

  1. Gather the ingredients.

  2. Cook onion and broth in a 1-quart saucepan until liquid is almost all cooked away.

  3. In a small bowl, whisk skim milk with the flour. Add to the saucepan and continue to cook, whisking, until sauce begins to thicken. Add wine and soup base; taste and season with salt and pepper.

  4. If desired, blend in a few tablespoons of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and cook over low heat for 2 to 3 minutes longer, until well blended.


  • When whisking the sauce to blend it, use a side-to-side motion rather than a circular one. This way of whisking is more effective in blending quicker and smoother.

Recipe Variation

  • Switch to shredded cheddar cheese, if you prefer.
  • Chop up about 1 teaspoon of fresh parsley or thyme to add in when you put in the cheese. You can also use 1/2 teaspoon of dried herbs if you don't have any fresh ones.
  • Add in a pinch of ground nutmeg for additional flavor.
  • If you're a garlic lover, mince one clove of garlic and add in when sauteing the onion.

How to Store and Freeze

  • White sauce can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days. Simply put it in an airtight container or bag, and gently reheat it when ready to use.
  • Or, grab some freezer-safe containers or bags and freeze any leftover white sauce for up to six months.

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