5 Steps to Creating the Perfectly Blended Cocktails

Learn How to Make the Best Frozen Margaritas and Daiquiris

Sliced pineapple in a blender on a marble countertop.
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Blended cocktails are a great treat and a fun addition to parties, particularly in the summer. It can be difficult to get consistent results at first, but a few tips will help you create great margaritas and daiquiris every time.

Blending perfect cocktails time after time takes practice and a level of patience that can quickly be learned. It is very easy to make a chunky cocktail and just as easy to make a soupy one. These tips will walk you through the process of blending great drinks all summer long.

Wait to Add Ice

Add liquors, juices, and fruits to the blender's pitcher and blend until mixed. By doing this before adding ice, you ensure that these ingredients are mixed properly before the blender goes to work on the ice.

  • Rinse fruit under running water and remove any stems or skin. Chop into chunks of about 1 inch. 
  • Rinse herbs and tear into smaller pieces, removing any stems.
  • If the inner section of your blender's lid is removable, it makes a great measuring cup. Learn where to fill it for a shot of tequila or rum and you can prevent making your drinks too weak or too strong.

Add Cracked Ice

Less ice is better, so start out with about 1 cup per drink. You can always add more ice later in the blending process if you find that the drink is too watery. Start out with cracked or crushed ice because cubes tax the motor beyond what is necessary and may shorten the life of the blender's motor and blades. If you have a tough blender, it may be able to chop the ice for you. If you don't have a tough blender, and you don't want to tax the motor on the one you do have, try using a Lewis bag. A Lewis bag is an easy way to crush ice cubes and it is a small, worthy investment for your bar.

Start at a Slow Speed

Secure the lid on the pitcher and start blending at a slow speed. This is where the pulse mode comes in handy because you can start and stop the motor in short bursts to chop any large ingredients and ice.

Build Up the Speed

Starting at the slowest speed, as mentioned before, work through the speed cycles of your blender step-by-step for the smoothest, chunk-free frozen cocktails.

Check Out the Results

When you notice that the blender no longer sounds like it is cracking large pieces of ice you should check the drink's consistency. Open the lid after the motor has stopped and stir with a bar spoon (the long shaft is the perfect length for reaching the bottom). If you notice large chunks you will want to repeat steps 3 to 5 until those are all blended in.

  • If the mix is too thin and watery, you will need to add more ice and blend again.
  • If the mix is too chunky, add one of your liquid ingredients and re-blend. Start small because it's easy to upset the balance and make it too watery (which means you need more ice and the cycle continues).


  • Use fresh fruit whenever possible.
  • Keep carbonated beverages out of the blender unless you want a big mess.
  • Clean your blender after each use, especially if you are switching to a different cocktail.
  • Hold the lid of your blender while the motor is running to prevent it from coming off and sending your drink all over the bar.