Creative and Delicious Ways to Use Your Juice Pulp

Fresh juice pulp
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Ah, the bounty of fresh juice from vitamins and minerals to enzymes and anti-oxidants - juicing brings with it tremendous benefits.

But what to do with what's left over - the pulp?

Pulp is mostly fiber with some nutrients and calories. But don’t toss it! Here are wonderful ideas for its use, from recipes for dips and chips to roll-ups and popsicles, or "pulpsicles!"

Pulp is not just for composting, although if you are a gardener, throwing pulp into the compost pile is a great idea.

You can also add your pulp to smoothies or back into your fresh juice for an extra shot of fiber for those with digestive issues.

How to Store It

To save your pulp, you can store it for a day or so in an airtight jar or sealed in a resealable baggie.

But to reap the most benefits, use it as soon as possible.

It can also be frozen in baggies, but remember that freezing destroys some nutrients and thus doing so will reduce its nutritional benefits.

Stew and Broth

Try it as a soup or stew base. Add a tablespoon of curry for warmth and nutrition!

You can also add water to your leftover pulp and cook, for a wonderful vegetable broth, or add it to this bone broth recipe. Just strain, cool and store, for a fabulous broth base for soups, stews and other meals that call for broth!

Leftover pulp can also be layered into your favorite lasagna recipe.

Breads and Muffins

Add your pulp to recipes for breads and muffins in place of zucchini, other squash or sweet potato. Add one cup of the pulp to your recipe for zucchini bread or pumpkin bread, or muffins, in place of squash or other vegetable bases. Here’s a great zucchini bread recipe. All you need to do is substitute your juice pulp for the zucchini!


Pulp can be added to dips such as a veggie hummus! Fold pulp into your favorite hummus, or create your own veggie dip using leftover pulp as your starting point, adding avocado and sour cream, and herbs and spices to taste, or using kefir or yogurt in place of sour cream. 

It’s delicious in bean dips as well. Just add it to existing recipes or to your favorite dip for a great boost of fiber and nutrients. Another dip to consider for pulp is your own homemade guacamole.


If you have a dehydrator you’re especially in luck! With your leftover pulp, you can add enough water to make a soft dough and spread it on your dehydrator sheets, dehydrating for approximately 6 hours to create your own crackers to use in pulp-based dips! If you don’t have a dehydrator, here’s a great recipe for pulp crackers in your oven!

Quiche, Chili, and Sauces

Add it to quiches or fold it with cheese into an omelet or any egg dish such as scrambled eggs!

Add it to any spaghetti sauce or chili recipe. Just add to sauces along with tomatoes, or to chili dishes along with onions and other veggies, or just in place of them.

Meatballs and Burgers

For yummy meatballs, roll into your favorite recipe.

Make your own veggie burgers, substituting pulp for the sweet potatoes in this particularly delicious recipe.


Add honey to your leftover pulp and roll into honey pulp balls and bake on cookie sheets for a delicious snack!

Use it in cookies and cupcakes as well. Just use your favorite recipe and add pulp to your batter along with a little extra butter. Or make no-bake oatmeal cookies. Just add a half cup of pulp to the recipe and voila.

Another delicious recipe is a dessert called carrot halwa. It’s yummy and a wonderful way to use carrot pulp for a nutritious dessert. Or try carrot cake that calls for carrot pulp.


Add to hot or cold cereal for a healthy addition to your breakfast foods! Add it to your pancake batter!


You can also use your leftover pulp to thicken gravy!


Add it to your favorite dressing or onto your salads. Pulp in and of itself makes a great salad on a bed of lettuce, kale or spinach.

Pet Food

Finally, you can even make pet treats with your leftover juice pulp.

There are countless ways to use your leftover pulp! Just let your imagination run wild, or use some of the suggestions here, to make the most of that pulp for your good health and nutrition.