12 Creative Ways to Enjoy Eggnog All Winter Long

Delicious recipes featuring the creamy holiday drink

 Elaine Lemm

If you like the creamy, nutmeg-laced goodness of eggnog when the weather gets cooler, you'll love these creative ways to enjoy the flavor in completely different forms. These recipes—from baked goods to boozy cocktails—will no doubt spice up your holiday. 

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    Luscious Eggnog White Chocolate Cheesecake

    Ailsa von Dobeneck


    This gorgeous white chocolate cheesecake will be the crown jewel of your holiday dessert table. Be careful not to overmix or the cake will come out too dense and won't set up as high. Watch your bake time, too: Overbaking could result in cracking. If it does crack, don't despair—just decorate it with whipped cream, slivered white chocolate, and extra nutmeg.

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    Eggless Puerto Rican Coquito

    The Spruce


    Taste the tropics with a traditional Puerto Rican coconut punch that's similar to eggnog. This recipe doesn't use raw eggs, so it's quicker and easier to make than many recipes that call for long simmering and stirring. Use cream of coconut in a can, not coconut milk or juice, to create the thick, creamy texture. You can also adjust the amount of rum if you like a lighter drink. 

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    Eggnog French Toast

    eggnog french toast

     Leah Maroney

    Enjoy eggnog for breakfast with this decadent, spiced eggnog French toast. Use brioche or challah bread to soak up all that decadent flavor and top with a cinnamon whipped cream to tie it all together. This recipe is a great way to use up any extra eggnog, but you might want to buy more, just to ensure you can make this fantastic holiday breakfast. 

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    Holiday Eggnog Truffles

    Elizabeth LaBau


    Velvety white chocolate and spiced eggnog are a perfect combination. These beautiful truffles are a great addition to any party and your guests won't be able to have just one. Make sure you buy regular eggnog, not the light or low-fat varieties, for rich and decadent bites. The lighter versions won't have enough fat to create the ideal texture.

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    Gingerbread Eggnog

    Leah Maroney


    If you usually buy cartons of eggnog at the supermarket, are you ever in for a treat! This gingerbread-spiced version is richer and more flavorful than the store-bought version, and you can make large batches to give it away as holiday gifts. Just be sure to temper the eggs carefully to avoid lumps.

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    Eggnog-Glazed Donuts

    Diana Rattray


    All you need to make these fast and simple baked donuts is a six-well pan. Because they're not deep-fried, these pastries are lighter than the traditional ones. They have a delicious cake-like texture and the eggnog gives it a slightly spiced, unique flavor that goes perfectly with coffee or tea. Eggnog glaze is the perfect topping, but you can also dust them with powdered sugar or omit it entirely.

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    Bourbon-Spiced Eggnog Pie

     Elaine Lemm

    This spiced, boozy custard pie puts the taste of eggnog in a sweet sweet and flaky pastry crust. Whole spices are worth the extra work: Freshly grated nutmeg has a more robust flavor that the pre-ground kind and whatever you won't use will last even longer. Store-bought pastry crust can also be used to save time.

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    Mexican Rompope Cocktail

    Glasshouse Images / Getty Images


    If you like the taste of eggnog, try this Mexican cocktail. As the story goes, it was originally created by a Mexican nun who took the recipe to her grave, but you won't miss any secret ingredients. Rompope can be served over ice or warm, depending on the season and your preference. Use a high-quality rum for the best experience. 

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    Cake Mix Eggnog Cake

    Michael Powell/Getty Images


    Use a yellow cake mix to whip up this easy rum cake in a flash. You can also make your favorite cake recipe if you prefer to do it from scratch. Spiced rum gives it a lovely flavor, but you can omit it if you want to avoid alcohol. This recipe calls for a sweet liquor-infused glaze, but you can also simply dust it with powdered sugar.

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    Custardy Dutch Advocaat

    Karin Engelbrecht


    This thick, custard-like Dutch twist on eggnog can be eaten with a spoon or as a drink. It also tastes great poured over ice cream or as a sauce for cake or a dessert filling. You can make it thinner too, if you prefer a more American eggnog preparation.

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    Make-Ahead German Eierlikör

    Robert S. Donovan / Getty Images


    The German version of an eggnog liqueur isn't intended to be consumed right away. Let it sit at least overnight for the flavors to mature and the alcohol bite to soften. Many people bottle it and give it away as gifts. The taste and aroma just get better as it sits, making it perfect for a homemade present.

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    Holiday Eggnog Cookies

    Diana Rattray 

    These simple eggnog cookies require no chilling or shaping—just drop and bake. They're soft and slightly spicy and perfect for an afternoon of baking and tree-trimming. For extra flare, press half a pecan or walnut into the top just before they hit the oven. Bring them to a holiday bake sale or make them with the kids for a fun, festive activity.