10 Creative Cocktails Made With Wine (Because Wine Not?)

Honeydew and Kiwi White Sangria
Floating Kitchen

National Wine Day is May 25–not that we need an excuse to break out a bottle of red, white, rosé or Champagne. For oenophiles, enjoying a glass or two is one of life’s simple pleasures. But what about those times when you’re craving the complexity of a mixed drink and the sippability of wine? Good news: you no longer have to choose between the two! If you like vino, you’re going to love wine-infused cocktails. These boozy hybrids are becoming increasingly popular, and as such, creative recipes are popping up everywhere. From refreshing spritzers and frosé to fruit-laced sangria and wine slushies, these vino-fied libations are sure to make a splash, all summer long. Cheers!