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DIY - How to make your own

A crepe station makes a fabulous addition to weddings and special occasions. The setup is simple: a pretty table setting and enough room to accommodate a variety of filling and garnishes is all one needs to build an eye-catching, memorable crepe station for a party. Personal touches, like small frames photographs, candles, and even a miniature Eiffel tower make the presentation even more appealing.

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    First, the Crepe Batter

    Chocolate Crepes. Quinn Dombrowski

    Basic, white-flour crepe batter can lend itself to both sweet and savory fillings, and buckwheat is the traditional choice in France for savories. A crepe station featuring vividly-flavored crepe batter always makes an impression. Ones to try, with ideal fillings:

    • Chocolate crepes: hazelnut spread, bananas, fresh berries, chocolate sauce, ice cream, whipped cream
    • Vanilla Cognac crepes: caramelized apples, American-style Neufchatel cheese, thinly sliced poached pears, toasted nuts, whipped cream
    • ...MORELemon or orange crepes: fresh berries, ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream
    • Gingerbread spice crepes: lemon curd, white chocolate sauce, whipped cream
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    Savory Fillings

    Tomato Spinach Crepes. Flickr user cherrylet

    Savory crepes make a perfect choice for an entree or a cocktail hour selection. Here are some delicious filling to try: ratatouille, grilled vegetables, mushroom sauce, tomatoes, chicken in cream sauce, and wilted spinach with bacon.

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    Sweet Fillings

    Crepes with Salted Butter and Caramel. ©Stuart Spivack

    Sweet fillings are usually what come to mind when thinking of a crepe station. The options and combinations are endless. Here are some scrumptious ones every table should stock: fresh fruit, whipped cream, American-style Neufchatel cheese, jam, hazelnut spread, and chocolate sauce.

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    Fresh Strawberries. Gwen Weber, Creative Commons - Redistribute with Attribution

    Every crepe needs the opportunity to look as delicious as it tastes. That's where the garnishes come into play. Try these universal pleasers at the garnish section of the crepe station: powdered sugar in a small canister with a mesh lid for dusting, whipped cream, creme anglaise, perfectly plump, ripe berries.

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    Banana crepes
    Mark Thomas / Getty Images

    They say presentation is everything. Crepes are traditional served by filling and then folding into quarters. They may also be rolled neatly.