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Culinary Glossary

For all the ingredients, techniques and cooking equipment you're unfamiliar with, we'll provide you with definitions, history and correlating recipes.

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Keto Cauliflower Lasagna in a baking dish and on a plate
The Keto Diet 101: What It Is and What to Eat
Morgan Baker Instant Pot Black Bean Soup
How Much Protein Do I Need?
Pan Dulce
Pan Dulce
What Are Grapes?
Types of Table Grapes
Bouillon Cubes
What Are Bouillon Cubes?
What Is Goetta?
Golden syrup
What Is Golden Syrup?
Tupelo honey
What Is Tupelo Honey?
What Is Mezcal?
Wood Ear Mushroom
What Are Wood Ear Mushrooms?
lobster mushroom
What Are Lobster Mushrooms?
Cake flour
What Is Cake Flour?
variety of tomatoes on marble surface
The Essential Guide to Tomatoes
Woman in sustainable store
How to Snack Sustainably
Bell peppers
What Are Bell Peppers?
Fish and seafood
Seafood By The Season
Cod fillet
What Is Cod Fish?
illustration of the world with foods and food labels circling it
Green and Ethical Food Labels
What Is Watercress?
Fresh homemade pasta noodles.
What Are Egg Noodles?
Cara Cara Oranges
What Are Cara Cara Oranges?
What Are Peppadews?
Mexican Shrimp Ceviche
What Is Ceviche?
A bowl of pearl sugar.
What Is Pearl Sugar?
Sanding sugar
What Is Sanding Sugar?
Pizza dough
What Is 00 Flour?
Spelt flour
What Is Spelt Flour?
Bread flour in a glass jar with spoon
What Is Bread Flour?
Sorghum Flour in a wood bowl.
What Is Sorghum Flour?
all purpose flour in a bag
What Is All-Purpose Flour?
Vegetable oil
What Is Vegetable Oil?
Avocado oil
What Is Avocado Oil?
Cane sugar
What Is Cane Sugar?
Butternut squash cut in half on a wooden background
What Is Butternut Squash?
Red kuri squash
What Is Red Kuri Squash?
A halved and quartered head of savoy cabbage
What Is Savoy Cabbage?
Halved and whole heads of green cabbage in a basket
What Is Green Cabbage?
Red cabbage
What Is Red Cabbage?
Pine needle tea
What Is Pine Needle Tea?
Mushroom Coffee
What Is Mushroom Coffee?
What is Gochujang?
peanuts in and out of the shell
What Are Peanuts?
Corn syrup
What Is Corn Syrup?
Shopping for sustainable foods
Food Sustainability
What Is Halibut?
Filets of flounder
What Is Flounder?
Lychee Jelly on Toast
What Is Lychee Jelly?
xanthan gum in a scoop
What Is Xanthan Gum?
Coconut Sugar
What Is Coconut Sugar?
What Is Chamoy?
Japanese bonito flakes
What is Katsuobushi (Bonito Flake)?
fresh truffles
What Are Truffles?
kelp noodles
What Are Kelp Noodles?
Guide to Adaptogen-Rich Functional Snacks
Cotija Cheese
Cotija Cheese
Queso Fresco on top of cheesecloth
Queso Blanco
Bottled hot sauce recipe
Essential Hot Sauces Around the World You Need To Know
Fajita-Style New York Strip Steaks
Intermittent Fasting 101: What It Is and How to Do It
A dish of skewered sardines with lemons
Global Plates: What Healthy Looks Like Around the World