Dairy-Free Cupcakes

Fresh Strawberry Limeade Cupcakes Recipe

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Is there anything cuter than a cupcake? Cupcakes have made such a huge comeback in recent years, served at gourmet dinners and confectioneries as well as fun, down-to-earth parties. Most cupcake recipes are prepared with butter and other dairy-derived ingredients, but these dairy-free renditions are every bit as good. You won't even miss the dairy!

Most frosting recipes and store-bought frostings are also prepared with a frightening amount of dairy-derived ingredients, but if you're looking for something to top your dairy-free delights, check out these Dairy-Free Frosting Recipes for some tasty, lactose-free ways to add the icing on the cupcake!

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    Lemon Cupcakes

    Lemon cupcake
    Huw Jones / Getty Images

    There is just something about lemon cake desserts that make people smile, and these dairy-free lemon cupcakes are no exception. They are both fun and elegant at the same time, perfect for parties for adults or kids.

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    Easy Chocolate Cupcakes

    Close-Up Of Chocolate Cupcake On White Background
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    These are some of the easiest little chocolate cupcakes to make, which has made them a favorite among kids who want to help in the kitchen.

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    Angel Food Cupcakes

    Kelly Cline / Getty Images

    When going dairy-free, many often forget the classic dairy-less cake: angel food cake! Light, low-fat and suited for a variety of frostings, fruits, and other toppings, these are simple dessert ideas for those dairy-freers that are not allergic to eggs.

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    Chocolate Cupcakes

    Chocolate cupcake on white plate
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    These dairy-free chocolate cupcakes are rich, decadent and incredibly easy to prepare and transport, which makes them perfect for kids' birthday parties or school parties.

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    Vegan Lemon Cupcakes

    Dairy-Free Vegan Lemon Cupcakes
    The Spruce

    The perfect combination of tart and sweet, these vegan lemon cupcakes are mouthwatering additions to any party.

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    Red Velvet Cupcakes

    Three red velvet cupcakes on table
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    Bright and fun, these dairy-free red velvet cupcakes are a cocoa-scented classic gone dairy-free.

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    Vegan French Vanilla Cupcakes

    Vanilla cupcake with bite taken
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    Pairing a sweet, moist cake with vanilla and hazelnut flavors, these vegan French vanilla cupcakes are truly delightful, especially when topped with this chocolate hazelnut frosting.

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    Vegan Banana Cupcakes

    Banana Cake Cupcakes
    Photo by Nathiya Prathnadi / Getty Images

    Fluffy, sweet, and loaded with banana flavor, these vegan banana cupcakes are perfect for parties or everyday treats.