4 Easy No-Dairy Quiches

How to Make This French Favorite Without Milk, Butter, or Cheese

Quiches are savory egg-based tarts of French origin and, like a lot of French food, this dish is typically prepared with many dairy ingredients. But, just because that is how it is usually done, does not mean that it cannot be adapted to a dairy-free or egg-free vegan version.

The French word "quiche" actually comes from the word "kuchen" in German to mean "cake" or "tart." It considered a staple of French cuisine, but is also popular in other countries, particularly as perfect party food.

These recipes are versatile, and what that truly means is, you can usually substitute in any fresh veggies, herbs, and dairy-free cheeses that you have on hand. Let your creative juices flow when it comes to inventing a quiche that suits your tastes. Another boon, get your kids involved. Have your children put a personal stamp on their very own veggie pie that they will end up loving.

Anyone who loves quiche, or French food in general, knows that finding dairy-free versions of food fit for a Francophile can be tough. Fret no more. Take a look at four dairy-free, vegan renditions of the classic French pie including basic, dairy-free quiches to vegan, crustless versions. Another big plus, quiche can be served hot or cold.

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    Basic Dairy-Free Quiche

    Spinach Quiche on wooden board

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    This basic dairy-free quiche that you will come back to again and again. Easily elegant, this recipe can be dressed up with any vegetables or herbs that you like. You can easily transform it into a meat dish with bacon or keep it vegetarian, but add a meat substitute to give it a little extra savory component. This recipe calls for making a pie dough, which can be made dairy-free.

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    Basic Vegan Quiche

    Vegetable quiche
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    For vegans or individuals who have an allergy to dairy or eggs, this basic vegan quiche is always a winner. It's simple to make, healthy, and versatile.

    Feel free to use whatever veggies and vegetarian or vegan meat substitute that suits your palate. If you are hosting a party, make mini quiches either in small tartlet pans or muffin tins to create perfect, hand-sized hors d'oeuvres.

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    Crustless Spinach Quiche

    spinach quiche
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    This crustless spinach quiche needs only minutes of active prep time, and only about 30 minutes in the oven, so you can consider this an ideal recipe for rushed breakfasts, lunches, or dinners.

    This recipe does call for eggs but is otherwise dairy-free. Other ingredients include seasonings, dairy-free soy (or almond) milk, and fresh baby spinach. This meal is inexpensive and healthy, too.

    Feel free to add other vegetables of your choice, and use whatever dairy-free cheese is your favorite. 

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    Vegan Crustless Quiche

    Mushroom quiche
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    Vegan crustless quiche is loaded with good flavor and healthy ingredients like tofu, ground cashews, nutritional yeast, and dairy-free cheese,

    This recipe works well all year long. Substitute in the fresh veggies that are in season. In the spring and summer, you cannot go wrong with freshly grilled asparagus

    This is a delicious dish that you can feel good about sharing with those you love.