27 Mocktail Recipes to Get Your Spirits up

Nonalcoholic and virgin drinks everyone can enjoy

Holiday pomegranate mojito recipe

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Mocktails are nonalcoholic mixed drinks, and they can be just as exciting and refreshing as any cocktail. There are many ways you can mix up juices, sodas, and syrups to create invigorating beverages that everyone can enjoy.

Some of these recipes mimic favorite cocktails, like the mojito and piña colada, and simply skip the alcohol. Others employ techniques and flavor pairings used by bartenders to fashion tantalizing drinks. From favorites like the Shirley Temple to tropical delights, steaming warmers, and mocktails worthy of dinner parties, you'll love exploring these virgin drink recipes that anyone can make at home.

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    Arnold Palmer

    Arnold Palmer Drink Recipe

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    Arguably the best-known of all the virgin drinks, there is no big secret to making a great Arnold Palmer. Created by and named for the famous golfer, this refreshing drink is nothing more than iced tea and lemonade. Though it may be simple, there are ways to enhance the base and give it a fresh new spin.

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    Lime Rickey

    Lime rickey recipe

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    Cool, refreshing, and not too sweet, it's hard to beat the crisp taste of a lime rickey. Essentially, this recipe shows you how to make a lime-flavored soda from scratch using fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and seltzer. It's fantastic and an inspiration for any other flavored soda you would want to mix up.

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    Virgin Mojito

    Virgin Mojito

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    Enjoy the refreshing taste of a mojito without the rum. The virgin mojito recipe is a quick and simple drink made with fresh lime juice and mint leaves. It's sweetened with honey syrup and topped with club soda and is a fantastic family-friendly drink for summer barbecues.

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    Roy Rogers

    roy rogers drink

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    When you're in the mood for a fruity cola on a warm afternoon, mix up a Roy Rogers. Though it's sometimes called cherry cola, it's actually flavored with grenadine, which is a syrup flavored with pomegranate. The only other thing you need is your favorite cola.

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    Shirley Temple

    Shirley Temple cocktails

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    You should be able to order a Shirley Temple at nearly any restaurant or bar in the U.S. It's a favorite for kids and adults alike, and there's no need to wait for your next night out to enjoy this semi-sweet old-fashioned soda. All you need is grenadine, ​lemon-lime soda, and ginger ale.

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    Virgin Piña Colada

    Virgin Pina Colada

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    Fire up the blender and create a virgin Piña Colada! This made-from-scratch recipe uses just three ingredients: pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and ice. It's a fabulous tropical smoothie with a taste that outshines any nonalcoholic Piña Colada mix you can buy at the store.

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    Virgin Mary

    Virgin Mary drink recipe

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    Start your morning off right with a freshly prepared virgin mary. It has all the spice that makes the bloody mary great, but there's no vodka. Use fresh tomato juice if you like, or pick up a bottled version and have fun customizing the recipe to suit your taste. You can also keep a pitcher in the fridge for a quick drink.

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    Sweet Sunrise

    Sweet Sunrise Mocktail Recipe

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    The sweet sunrise is an excellent breakfast, brunch, or afternoon drink that skips the liquor of a very popular cocktail. Also called the virgin sunrise, it is nothing more than a tequila sunrise; hold the tequila. Grenadine adds a great contrast to fresh-squeezed orange juice and gives it the ideal amount of sweetness.

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    Baby Bellini

    Baby Bellini Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
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    The Bellini is a popular choice when you're hosting a fancier brunch. The Champagne cocktail can quickly be transformed into an innocent beverage without losing any of the taste. When you switch the wine out for a sparkling cider, you have the baby Bellini, a lovely peach-flavored sparkling drink everyone will love.

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    Planter's Punch

    The Easy Planter's Punch Non-Alcoholic Fruit Drink Recipe

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    While there are rum-based recipes of the same name, this planter's punch recipe skips the booze. The tropical fruit punch combines orange, pineapple, and lemon juices and sweetens the mix with grenadine. It's a great one for parties and, in keeping with punch tradition, is best when adorned with as many fruits as your punchbowl will hold.

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    Virgin Miami Vice

    Virgin Miami Vice drink recipe

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    The virgin Miami vice is a fun mocktail for summer, and it looks fabulous. The base of this layered frozen drink tastes like a Piña Colada, while the top is a sweet strawberry-lime smoothie. It's easy to make and a perfect way to cool down on hot summer days.

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    Egg Cream

    Egg Cream

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    Step back in time with a favorite from the days of old-fashioned soda fountains. New York egg cream is fun, refreshing, and incredibly easy to make at home. Though the original version was made with egg, this modern rendition requires nothing more than milk, chocolate syrup, and seltzer. It's like carbonated chocolate milk, but the taste is so much more than that.

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    Hot Not Toddy

    Hot Not Toddy - Non-alcoholic Warm Winter Drinks

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    In the dead of winter, you'll want a steaming beverage to warm you up, and the hot not toddy will do just that. It skips the liquors traditionally used in toddies, opting for freshly brewed tea, lemon juice, and an array of warming spices instead. It's also a great comfort when you're feeling under the weather.

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    Designated Appletini

    Designated Appletini

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    Appletinis are extremely popular, but you can skip the vodka and still enjoy an elegant, fruity drink. The designated appletini is a simple twist on the vodka martini that shakes apple juice with lemon juice and simple syrup. Serve it in a cocktail glass, and no one will know the difference.

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    Citrus Fizz

    Pussyfoot Mocktail, A Fruity Nonalcoholic Mixed Drink
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    Eggs add texture and flavor to drinks and are commonly used in fizz cocktails. They don't make many appearances in mocktails, so this citrus fizz is a delightful surprise. The base is a tempting mix of orange, lemon, and lime sweetened with grenadine. It's shaken, then strained over ice, and topped with sparkling water. The taste is fascinating, and it's a recipe you'll definitely want to experience.

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    Sundowner Mocktail

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    The sundowner is a wonderful last-minute choice for any occasion. Made simply of white grape juice and sparkling water with a little mint, the taste is reminiscent of sparkling wine. Depending on how many people you're serving, you can make it by the glass or scale it up to fill a pitcher.

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    Holiday Pomegranate Mojito

    Holiday pomegranate mojito recipe

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    When it comes to holiday entertaining, the best drinks take advantage of the fruits that come into season during the winter. Pomegranate is among those, and the holiday pomegranate mojito puts the juicy little seeds to good use. It skips the mojito's rum but keeps the mint and lime and adds pomegranate juice and lemonade to create a fun seasonal mocktail.

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    Sparkling Peach Sunrise

    Sparkling Peach Sunrise Nonalcoholic Drink

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    A simple twist on the virgin sunrise, this recipe switches from orange to peach juice. Not only that, the sparkling peach sunrise tops the drink with lemon-lime soda to give it a lively touch. You get the same visual effect as any sunrise drink; it just comes with a unique flavor.

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    Cinderella: A Fruity Mocktail Everyone Will Love

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    As lovely and innocent as its namesake, the Cinderella is a sweet, fruity drink with a wonderful flavor. This recipe combines equal parts of lemon, orange, and pineapple juices with a little grenadine for sweetness. Top this off with ginger ale, and a sparkling beverage is yours to enjoy.

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    Green Lemonade

    Green Lemonade No-Proof Cocktail

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    Homemade lemonade and limeade come together in the super refreshing green lemonade recipe. It's even more tempting when you discover that it features fresh kiwifruit as well. Easy to mix up, this is ​a delicious green drink you'll want by your side on a hot summer day.

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    Sweet Adeline

    Sweet Adeline Warm Drink Recipe

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    There will be days when you need a soothing drink to help you warm up in the winter. The sweet Adeline is a perfect choice, and it takes your average cup of tea to a new level. For this one, you'll steep an orange-spice black tea blend into a hot mix of pomegranate juice and cinnamon syrup.

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    Make Butterbeer at Home

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    "Harry Potter" fans will recognize the name butterbeer, and this recipe brings the imaginary drink to life. It creates a spiced cream and butterscotch batter that is topped with vanilla cream soda. Serve it hot or cold; it's yummy either way.

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    Chicha Morada

    Chicha morada recipe

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    Chicha morada means "purple beverage," and this is a favorite refreshment from Peru. The key ingredient to this unique drink is purple corn, which is boiled to create an almost-black liquid. Add cinnamon, cloves, apples, and key limes and you're all set to enjoy the invigorating drink.

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    Apple Soda

    Homemade Apple Soda With Fresh Apple Juice

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    When autumn approaches and you head out to the apple orchards, put your newly picked apples to good use with homemade apple soda. This recipe shows you how to make apple syrup that simply needs to be topped with club soda. It's a great family kitchen activity, and the results are impressive.

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    Watermelon Lemonade

    Fresh Watermelon Lemonade

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    Summer is the time for both watermelon and lemonade, and the two come together perfectly in this watermelon lemonade recipe. Fantastic for birthday parties and backyard soirées, it's made by the pitcher with fresh watermelon juice, and sure to please everyone.

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    Raspberry Iced Tea

    Raspberry Iced Tea

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    Give your iced tea a fruity twist with this raspberry iced tea recipe. It all begins with freshly-brewed sweet tea that's flavored with raspberry water. Keep it in the fridge and enjoy it on a warm afternoon. It's also an excellent option for entertaining.

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    Virgin Sangria

    Virgin Sangria

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    A summer party calls for sangria. While it's traditionally a wine-based punch, it can quickly become a virgin sangria with a few strategic ingredient swaps. The essential element in this recipe is a trio of fresh-squeezed citrus juices. A combination of red and white grape juices is used to replace the wine, and it's finished off spectacularly with sparkling apple cider.