7 Delicious Recipes from Terres de l'Ebre Spain

Irresistible Dishes near Spain's Ebro River

I had never even heard of Terres de l'Ebre before visiting recently. Located along the Ebro River in the Tarragona region of Catalonia, Spain, Terres de l'Ebre is an under explored region of Spain. It's an area that is filled with beautiful sights and, most importantly, some great food.

Apart from its natural parks, birdwatching opportunities, and virgin beaches, the Terres de l'Ebre region is also growing in recognition for its incredible local cuisine. As one of Spain's most important rice producing regions, you'll see beautiful rice paddies throughout the area. If you venture into the sea you can visit mussel and oyster beds. The area is also famous for honey, extra virgin olive oil, shellfish, wine, pastries and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Here are seven delicious reasons to visit Terres de l'Ebre in Spain.

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    Deep fried artichokes

    Fried artichokes
    Delicious fried artichokes. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    The fertile land of the Ebro River is great for cultivating all sorts of vegetables. When artichoke season comes around locals take full advantage, adding them to rice dishes, salads and stews, and jarring extras to last throughout the year. But the most delicious way to eat these vegetables is quickly fried in local olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. 

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    Steamed mussels

    Steamed Spanish mussels
    Delicious steamed Spanish mussels. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    The mussel beds of Terres de l'Ebre are some of the world's best, and the small and delicious mussels that come from the region are sweet and delicious. The locals don't alter them in any way-- they simply serve them steamed. Though a refreshing glass of cava doesn't hurt!

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    Rice with seafood

    Spanish paella
    Delicious Spanish rice with seafood. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    The rice paddies of the Ebro River produce some of Spain's best rice. And rice dishes (note-- not called paella here!) are common everywhere. The most typical rice dishes are filled with prawns, mussels, and squid, also from the region. 

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    Crema Catalana

    Crema Catalana
    Perfect crema Catalana. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    Every traditional restaurant in the Terres de l'Ebre region offers their own version of delicious crema Catalana. A custard topped with caramelized sugar, it's a dessert that is similar to creme brûlée, but uses lemon and cinnamon instead of vanilla. 

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    Seared tuna

    Delicious recipe for perfectly seared tuna.
    Perfectly seared tuna with orange glaze. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    Spanish bluefin tuna is likely the best in the world, and L'Ametlla de Mar is a small fishing village in Terres de l'Ebre that offers some of the best. You can recreate this amazing dish at home with my favorite Spanish tuna recipe!

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    Grilled sausages

    Grilled Catalan sausages
    Yummy Catalan sausages. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    The delicious sausages in Terres de l'Ebre are a source of price for locals. The blood sausage is one of the most representative, and it's filled with pork, blood, rice and pine nuts. 

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    Catalan fideua
    Simple fideua with cuttlefish and alioli. Lauren Aloise/Spanish Sabores

    Another popular dish in Catalonia is fideuà, a dish similar to paella, but traditionally made with buckwheat noodles instead of rice. While it may have actually originated in Valencia, it is a much loved dish in Catalonia and in Terres de l'Ebre. It's generally made with seafood and served with creamy alioli