6 Delicious Spring Salads

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    Asparagus Butter Lettuce Salad

    Image of Butter Lettuce Asparagus Salad
    Butter Lettuce Asparagus Salad. Photo © Molly Watson

    Raw asparagus and butter lettuce are tossed with a lemony vinaigrette and topped with mozzarella and pistachios in this very green, springy Butter Lettuce Asparagus Salad. The thinly sliced asparagus has a clean, fresh flavor that will be most delightful to those who've only had this spring vegetable cooked.

    If, however, you prefer your asparagus cooked, I love to play with the concept of the "warm salad" where vegetables are cooked, but then tossed in a dressing and treated much like their raw salad brethren, when it comes to asparagus. This Asparagus Cabbage Salad has a bit of hard-cooked egg on top for a sense of richness, and this Asparagus Ramp Salad uses plenty of ramps (a.k.a. wild leeks) for tons of flavor.

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    Avocado Grapefruit Salad

    Grapefruit Avocado Salad
    Grapefruit Avocado Salad. Photo © Molly Watson

    Sweet and tart grapefruit sections, silky smooth avocado, and lightly crisp butter lettuce combine into an easy and delicious springtime Avocado Grapefruit Salad.

    Avocado is also delicious when paired very simply with thinly sliced fennel in this Fennel Avocado Salad, where the avocado becomes almost a dressing for the crisp, anise-like fennel.

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    Bistro Goat Cheese Salad

    Goat Cheese Salad
    Bistro Goat Cheese Salad. Photo © Molly Watson

    This Goat Cheese Salad is a French bistro classic. The trick to getting the disks of breaded goat cheese beautifully browned without destroying the cheese is to deeply chill, even briefly freeze, them before cooking.

    Want a less labor-intensive goat-cheese hit? This Beet Goat Cheese Salad can be made with roasted or grilled beets and can be pulled together in a snap. (Don't like goat cheese? Find more Delicious Beet Salads here).

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    Gingery Radish Salad

    Image of Gingery Radish Salad
    Gingery Radish Salad. Photo © Molly Watson

    Toss thinly sliced radishes with freshly grated ginger and rice wine vinegar for the easiest - and most refreshing - of spring salads, Gingery Radish Salad.

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    Lentil Arugula Salad

    Image of Lentil Arugula Salad
    Lentil Arugula Salad. Photo © Molly Watson

    Lentils cooked until just tender and ribbon-sliced arugula are tossed with a simple vinaigrette and topped with a bit of feta cheese in this Arugula Lentil Salad.

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    Strawberry Hazelnut Goat Cheese Salad

    Image of Strawberry Hazelnut Goat Cheese Salad
    Strawberry Hazelnut Goat Cheese Salad. Photo © Molly Watson

    Creamy, sweet, nutty, and tart—this Strawberry Hazelnut Goat Cheese Salad has it all. Tangy goat cheese, juicy strawberries, and earthy hazelnuts are joined with a honey mustard balsamic dressing.

    Like the idea of using sweet strawberries in savory dishes? Me too. Try this Strawberry Orange Arugula Salad or Strawberry Chile Salsa, which I've been known to serve more as a salad or spooned over greens.​​