8 Popular Recipes Made With Nuts

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If you're a nutty person, you probably like desserts made with nuts, all kinds of nuts—pecans, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, peanuts, even pine nuts. There's just something about that extra little crunch that most people love in their favorite treats.

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    German Chocolate Cake

    German Chocolate Cake
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    There are two things about a German chocolate cake that people find appealing. One is that it's a lighter version of a chocolate cake; it's not densely chocolate which, believe it or not, some people don't enjoy. The second reason is that it's iced with a coconut pecan frosting. In fact, for many people, that's the best part.

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    Tropical Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake

    You've probably grown up eating carrot cake, but this tropical carrot cake will probably be the best you've ever tasted. People have been known to request it for breakfast, it's that good.

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    Pecan Pie

    Classic Southern pecan pie recipe

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    Many people consider pecan pie too sweet, but this recipe isn't like that at all. In fact, it's just wonderful.

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    Brown Sugar Walnut Bars

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    Enjoy this blondie recipe chock-full of toasted walnuts. You'll be hard-pressed to decide if you like blondies better than most brownies.

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    Sugared Nuts

    Sugared nuts
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    These sugared nuts are so good that you'll want to eat them all of the time. For that sweet-salty combination make some salted nuts to go with them.

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    Pignoli Cookies

    Pignoli cookies on a cooling rack

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    Pignoli Cookies are an Italian treat made with pine nuts, almond paste, and almond flour. They are a popular recipe to prepare at Christmas time for a nutty holiday dessert served with a light dusting of confectioners' sugar.

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    Oatmeal Walnut Cookies

    Oatmeal walnut cookies
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    These Oatmeal Walnut Cookies have a wonderfully chewy texture and a want-at-least-one-more taste.

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    Homemade Granola

    homemade granola
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    There is nothing like homemade granola. It can be used dry as a snack, in a bowl with milk for cereal, or baked to make bars.